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Backrub - Google
网络爬虫 - 谷歌
One of the weirdest original names belongs to Google, which, believe it or not, was supposed to be named ‘Backrub.’ Imagine Backrubing something instead of Googling? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well back in 1996 this was the original company name but was then changed to Google in 1997.
Mr Cauliflower - Mr Bean
菜花先生 - 憨豆先生
Rowan Atkinson, the genius behind the iconic Mr. Bean character, actually came up with this persona when he was studying for his master’s degree at the University of Oxford. The name Mr. Bean came up only after the first program was released, and while pitching different names, one of the suggestions was Mr. Cauliflower. Sounds fun, but nothing would change the iconic Mr. Bean!
标志性憨豆先生形象背后的天才罗温·艾金森(Rowan Atkinson)实际上是在牛津大学攻读硕士学位时创造出这个形象的。憨豆先生的名字是在第一个节目播出后才出现的,在挑选确定不同的名字时,其中一个建议就是菜花先生。听起来很有趣,但是没有什么可以改变标志性的憨豆先生!
Lenny, Penny, And Kenny - The Big Bang Theory
连尼、 佩妮和肯尼 - 生活大爆炸
This one definitely turned out way better than it could have been. Before renaming Jim Parsons’ character to Sheldon, his name was Kenny and the famous tv series was called not ‘The Big Bang Theory’ but ‘Lenny, Penny and Kenny’.
这个名字改的简直太好了(原来的是什么鬼?)。在把吉姆·帕森斯的角色改名为谢尔顿之前,他的角色名字是肯尼。而这部著名的电视连续剧不叫“生活大爆炸“而是叫“连尼、 佩妮和肯尼“。
Six Of One - Friends
六位一体 - 老友记
In life, you never know how one tiny decision can change everything completely. So, back in 2012, Vanity Fair released an issue were they wrote down all the things that could have been completely different in the show ‘Friends’. For example, Courtney Cox initially read for the role of Rachel Green, but she chose to play Monica, and Monica’s character was supposed to be way darker, edgier and snarkier. But the most important part is the name, and if it wasn’t for Kauffman and Crane, we would be stuck with ‘Six of One’ which was the original name of the show.
在生活中,你永远不知道一个小小的决定如何能彻底改变一切。早在2012年,《名利场》(Vanity Fair)就发布了一期杂志,写下了《老友记》中本应完全不同的东西。比如,柯特妮·考克斯最初读的是瑞秋·格林这个角色的剧本,但她选择了扮演莫妮卡,而莫妮卡的角色本应该更加黑暗、尖酸和刻薄。但最重要的部分是它的名字,如果不是考夫曼和克兰(编剧)的话,就会用《六位一体》了,这是这部剧最初的名字。
Brad's Drink - Pepsi
布拉德饮料 - 百事可乐
Who would have thought that until 1898 you couldn’t enjoy a cold Pepsi but only a Brad’s drink? And who is Brad? When creator Caleb Bradham invented Pepsi back in 1893, he named it after his surname but six years later he changed it. So in 1902 the Pepsi-Cola Company was born, due to increased demand for the drink.
谁能想到,1898年之前,百事可乐的名字是布拉德饮料?那么,谁是布拉德呢?当创造者Caleb Bradham在1893年发明百事的时候,他用自己的姓氏给它命名,但6年后他改了名字。因此,1902年时百事可乐公司诞生了,因为对这种饮料的需求增加了。
Jerry And David’s Guide To The World Wide Web - Yahoo
杰瑞和大卫的万维网指南 - 雅虎
We’re almost certain that Yahoo wouldn’t be so successful if they had kept their original name - Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web, it just seems a bit … too long. Of course, you could call it JDGWWW, but we think they did the right thing here by changing their name to Yahoo! Which stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.“
可以确信,如果还用原来的这个名字,雅虎一定不会这么成功。因为它看起来,有点太长了。当然,你也可以念它的缩写JDGWWW,但是改名成雅虎好像是更正确的选择。Yahoo是另一种非官方层级化体系(Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle)的缩写。
Mortimer - Mickey Mouse
莫蒂默 - 米老鼠
According to sources, if it wasn’t for Walt Disney’s wife, we now would call Mickey Mouse ‘Mortimer’. It is believed that his wife hated the name so much he changed it to Mickey Mouse.
Starfish - Coldplay
海星 - 酷玩乐队
Coldplay was originally known as Starfish. Later, after the drummer Will Champion joined their group, they renamed themselves to Coldplay and released their debut EP ‘Safety’.
酷玩乐队最初被称为海星。后来,鼓手Will Champion加入乐队后,他们改名为Coldplay,并发布了首张EP《Safety》。
Blue Ribbon Sports - Nike
蓝带体育 - 耐克
This could have been the icon that Nike was known for if it wasn’t for a change back in the 1971. The very well-known name ‘Nike’ was based on the Greek goddess of victory, and the famous logo, symbolizes the wing of the goddess.
Marufuku Company - Nintendo
丸福公司 - 任天堂
Back in 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi began manufacturing Japanese playing cards in Kyoto. In 1947 Yamauchi began a distribution company called Marufuku Co. It was only in 1951 that the company renamed themselves to Nintendo Playing Card Co. Ltd. and then to Nintendo Co., Ltd. in 1963.
Kara's Flowers - Maroon 5
卡拉之花 - Maroon 5(魔力红)
Before they were an iconic band called Maroon 5, they were a band under the name ‘Kara’s Flowers’, and the name was actually a reference to a groupie who was crushing on all of the band members. After they released two albums under this name, they changed their name for the third one back in 2002.
在成为标志性的乐队Maroon 5之前,这只乐队使用的名字是“卡拉之花“,这个名字实际上指的是一个迷恋所有乐队成员的歌迷。用这个名字发行了两张专辑以后,他们在2002年发行第三张专辑时改名为魔力红。
Firebird - Firefox
火鸟 - 火狐
If it wasn’t for another company called ‘Firebird’ you would now be using your Internet Explorer to download ‘Firebird’ and not ‘Firefox’. According to the company, “It's similar to Firebird. It's easy to remember. It sounds good. It's unique. We like it," the company said.
Lunar Larry - Buzz Lightyear
月球拉里 - 巴斯光年
If it wasn’t for a big script change, the Toy Story we know now would have been completely different. The famous character Buzz Lightyear, which was named in honour of astronaut Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, would have actually been called Lunar Larry. Wait, there’s more, Woody was actually supposed to be a jerk instead of the good guy/hero we all know and love.
Cargo House - Starbucks
货仓 - 星巴克
Opened in 1971 this coffee shop was named ‘Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice’. Later, in 1983, the CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz left the company and opened his own coffeehouse called II Giornale. Four years later he returned, purchased the original company and chose to leave the name Starbucks. However before that, one of the names the company had considered using was ‘Cargo House’, which according to co-founder Gordon Bowker would have been ‘a terrible, terrible mistake’.
这家咖啡馆于1971年开业,名为“星巴克咖啡、茶和香料“。后来,在1983年,星巴克的CEO霍华德·舒尔茨离开了这家公司,自己开了一家名为II Giornale的咖啡馆。4年之后他重回星巴克,买下了原来的公司,沿用了星巴克的名字。但是在此之前,公司考虑的一个名字是“货仓“。联合创始人戈登·鲍克称这将是一个非常非常糟糕的错误。