2018-1-5 14:44

The New Year’s speech delivered by President Xi Jinping on Sunday evening has gone viral on the internet and has won praise from observers at home and abroad with his pledges of greater efforts in boosting reform, public welfare and world stability.

Xi’s speech, featuring traditional Chinese sayings such as, "Building a tall building begins with mounds of soil," attracted likes in social networks as many echoed his point of taking a step-by-step approach and working hard to turn blueprints into reality.

Shortly after its release, the video of the nearly 12-minute speech spread quickly on the two major Chinese social networks-Sina Weibo and WeChat.
很快,近12分钟的演讲视频在中国两大社交网站 - 新浪微博和微信上迅速传播开来。

Within the first 24 hours, the video issued by an official Weibo account of China Central Television alone scored more than 11 million views, 12,000 reposts and 44,000 likes.

Weibo user Jiangbaoqiu Barque quoted Xi’s words, "Happiness is achieved through hard work," when commenting on the video.

Many WeChat users shared posts featuring nine photos that appeared on Xi’s bookshelves for the first time as Xi delivered the annual speech.

The photos highlight some of Xi’s great moments in the past year, including his visits to poor households and inspecting the military.

Bill Jones, Washington bureau chief of Executive Intelligence Review, said Xi’s New Year’s message delivered "a great sense of confidence and optimism" to the Chinese people and to the world.
“执行情报评论“华盛顿分社首席执行官比尔·琼斯(Bill Jones)表示,习近平的新年祝词向中国人民和世界传递了一种“高度的自信和乐观“。

"While the elimination of poverty has long been regarded as a major task for humanity… with China, that dream is now becoming a reality, and has created a tremendous amount of optimism that it can also be eliminated globally," Jones said.

Peter Frankopan, a professor of world history at Oxford University, echoed Xi’s point on valuing history and boosting peace, because "it is true that the aim for all must be to build a community who benefit from and share in a common future".
牛津大学世界历史教授彼得·弗兰克潘(Peter Frankopan)回应了习近平关于重视历史和促进和平的观点,因为“所有人的目标都必须是建立一个共同的未来,共享共同的社会“。

Christian Growitsch, director of the Fraunhofer Center for the Economics of Materials in Germany, said Xi addresses the most important aspects for the people of China and he speaks about climate protection and international trade, as in the Belt and Road Initiative, which is "promising for world development in 2018".
德国弗劳恩霍夫材料经济研究中心主任克里斯蒂安·加利奇(Christian Growitsch)表示,习近平向中国人民提出了最重要的问题,他谈到气候保护和国际贸易,就像“一带一路“倡议一样, 为2018年的世界发展助力。

Starry Lee Wai-king, a lawmaker chairing the House Committee of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said she was moved when Xi said Hong Kong will undoubtedly have an even better future with the strong support of the motherland. She said Hong Kong will be better integrated into the country’s overall development.
2017年12月31日,香港特别行政区立法会内务委员会主席李慧贞表示,在习近平讲到香港在祖国的大力支持下,无疑会有更美好的未来时,她很感动。 她表示,香港将会更好地融入国家的整体发展。

Luigi Gambardella, president of ChinaEU, a business-led international association in Brussels said China’s achievements President Xi listed in the previous year were "indeed impressive", which have laid solid foundation for further development and increased interdependence with the outside world. " Moreover President Xi mentioned the importance of reform...sustained reform and further opening to trade and investments are two underlying takeaways from Xi’s speech," said Gambardella. “This is promising for 2018. We are looking forward to working together for a more open, inclusive, beautiful world with more technologies and innovation providing us an easier life."
布鲁塞尔商业主导的国际联盟中国欧盟主席路易吉·甘巴德拉(Luigi Gambardella)表示,中国在过去一年中所取得的成就“确实令人印象深刻“,为进一步发展和加强与外界的相互依存奠定了坚实的基础。 “此外,习主席提到改革的重要性,持续改革和进一步开放贸易和投资是习近平讲话的两个基本要点。“甘巴德拉说, “2018年充满希望。我们期待着通过更多的技术和创新为更加开放,包容和美好的世界共同努力,为我们提供更轻松的生活。“