2016-10-15 14:14

a case in point

Case是例子的意思,a case in point, 意思就是恰当的例子。比如,我们全家性格都很内向,但是也有例外。My niece is a case in point. 我侄女就一个典型的例子。

例句-1:People assume that the super wealthy live extravagant lifestyles. But you can find exceptions. My cousin is a case in point. He's worth several million dollars. Still, he drives the same used car he's had for years, rents a modest apartment, and donates most of his money to charity.

例句-2:It' true. I'm no fan of technology. Not only do I avoid computers and personal communications devices, but so do the characters in the short stories I write. My latest best-seller is a case in point. There are no references to e-mails, blogs, the Internet or even cell phones. How's that for an example of what I believe?

carbon copy

Carbon 本身是“复写纸“的意思,那大家都猜到了吧,carbon copy,就是形容“非常相似,一模一样“。

例句-1:My new girlfriend said she wanted me to meet someone. I was shocked when I answered the door. Standing there was a woman who looked exactly like my girlfriend. She talked just like her, too. In fact, she was a carbon copy. That's when I realized I was dating a twin.

例句-2:The architect claimed his designs for the city park were original. But on closer inspection, it became clear that wasn't true. All the features, including the gardens, pond, bridge and playing fields, were no different from those in a park in Boston. The mayor was furious. He trusted the architect to offer something unique, not a carbon copy.

business as usual

大家都知道,business是营业的意思,usual 呢,是正常的。那么business as usual, 用来形容事情经过了异常之后恢复正常状态,可以翻译成“一切照旧,虚惊一场“。

例句-1:Imagine preparing breakfast for six kids. Then getting them washed and dressed, packing their lunches and getting them off to school. That might seem like a huge challenge. But for my wife and me, it's business as usual. It's part of our everyday routine.

例句-2:Normally, my tiny town is a quiet place. But when a movie director chose it as the site for his upcoming picture, it became incredibly busy. Film stars and production crews flooded Main Street. The local restaurants served overflow crowds, shops saw increased sales, and news reporters came from all around seeking interviews. For three weeks, it was anything but business as usual.

burning question

Burning字面上的意思是正在燃烧的。那么burning question都烧起来了的问题! 引伸下来就是“十万火急的问题“,通常也指人们热烈讨论的问题。

例句-1:Last year freezing temperatures ruined Florida's citrus industry. Millions of dollars worth of produce were lost. Now weather forecasters are calling for severe cold. Industry analysts and farmers desperately want to know what they should do if another catastrophe occurs. That's the burning question.

例句-2:Sharon's among the most popular girls in my senior class. So it's no surprise that I'm not the only guy who asked her to go to the prom. She said she'd let me know by the weekend. Will she be my date? It's a burning question. I'm dying for her to give me her answer.
莎伦是我们高中最受欢迎的女生之一。所以我知道,我肯定不是唯一一个邀请她去参加毕业舞会的人。她说她会在周末给我答复。她会当我的女伴吗? 这真让我心急如焚,我迫切地希望她把最后决定告诉我。

brush off

Brush是刷的意思,brush off, 刷掉,引伸出来就是“忽略,不理睬“的意思。

例句-1:The homeowners were told by inspectors that they ought to move their home further from the river. Instead, they went ahead with plans to add a second story. When a terrible storm hit a year later, the river flooded. And the house was destroyed. If the couple hadn't brushed off those safety warnings, they wouldn't have lost their property.

例句-2:Phil hasn't had many steady girlfriends. That's because they don't like the way he treats them. After a couple of nice dates, he expects them to always be available for him. Yet he rarely makes the effort to return their calls or text messages. Why should they want to stay with a guy who brushes them off?

bring to a head

Bring something to a head, 意思是,使某件事情到了非做决定的紧急关头。

例句-1:Cindy had been trying to persuade her husband to quit smoking. But he never made a serious effort to stop until last month. When he became short of breath playing with his grandson, he realized that his bad habit had to end. It brought to a head his addiction to cigarettes. He's been tobacco-free ever since.

例句-2:Our best trained workers are all over 60 years old. And they've been leaving the company faster than they're being replaced. The CEO ought to recognize what's happening. Retirements are bringing our labor shortage problem to a head. So he'd better come up with a solution quickly.

break one's back

我们知道,break这个词本身是“打碎“的意思,而break one's back,背都打碎了,引申的意思就是“非常辛苦地工作“。

例句-1:Mom always wanted my sister and me to enjoy a better life than she had. That meant working two jobs for many years to afford what we needed. She broke her back. But, as a result, I became a surgeon and my sister a concert pianist. We would never have become so successful without our mother's great sacrifices.

例句-2:My neighbor across the street is one of the laziest people I know. Just about every day, he's out drinking beer on his front porch. Yet his house is falling apart and his yard is full of junk. It would take a lot of effort to get the place in good condition. Unfortunately, I can't imagine him ever breaking his back.

bounce back

Bounce, 这个词本身是“弹回“的意思,而bounce back作为一个词组意思是“恢复原状,复苏“。

例句-1:Grandma's fall on the ice last winter resulted in a badly broken leg. She spent months in a cast. Then she underwent weeks of physical therapy. Now her doctors say she can resume normal activities. Nobody could be happier than Grandma that she's finally bounced back.

例句-2:Some guys have a hard time getting over a break-up with a girlfriend. That's not the case with Carlos. He doesn't get depressed or become withdrawn. In fact, no sooner does he end one relationship than he begins another. He bounces back quickly.

boggle the mind

Boggle本身有吃惊的意思,而mind是思想,头脑。Boggle the mind, 意思就是“令人惊叹的“。

例句-1:Fifty years ago, the fastest computers ever made took up the space of a football field. Their many vacuum tubes and mechanical parts required constant maintenance. Amazingly, the computing devices we now hold in our hands can do so much more in only a fraction of the time. That boggles the mind.
50年前,世界上运作最快的电脑占地要达到整个一个足球场那么大。其中有很多电子管和机械零件,需要经常维修。可现在,我们手中拿的小电脑能在短得多的时间里做多得多的事情。 这确实令人惊叹。

例句-2:George was shocked when Linda became his supervisor. She seemed to lack any of the necessary skills to manage employees. Her reports were often inaccurate and she did nothing to improve productivity. How she ever got her promotion boggled his mind. She must have known somebody important at the factory.

blow by blow

Blow, 这个词本身的意思是“敲击“,而blow by blow作为一个习惯用语的意思是 “详细地描述事情经过“。

例句-1:What's happened to one of Hollywood's hottest couples? First, Debbie learned that Charles had a serious gambling problem. There was a huge fight. A couple months later, Debbie threw all of his belongings into the street. He moved out, and then asked for a divorce. That's the blow by blow so far.
好莱坞最红的夫妇,Debbie和Charles之间到底怎么了? 原来啊,Debbie得知Charles特别好赌,他们俩大吵了一架。几个月之后,Debbie把Charles的所有东西都扔到了大街上。Charles搬了出去,还提出跟Debbie离婚。目前知道的就是这些。

例句-2:I was waiting outside of the bank. And, through the window, I saw the robber approach the teller, pull out a gun, and demand that she hand over all the money from her drawer. Then he shot at a guard before running out the side door. Since I saw it all happen, it was easy for me to give the police a blow-by-blow description.