2015-4-27 13:20



Jogging to an early grave?


If you think that running marathons will help you live a long and healthy life, new research may come as a shock. According to a recent scientific study, people who do very strenuous activities are as likely to die as people who do no exercise at all.

Scientists in Denmark have been studying over 1,000 joggers and non-joggers for 12 years. The death rates from the sample group indicate that people who jog at a moderate pace two or three times a week for less than two and a half hours in total are least likely to die. The best speed to jog at was found to be about 5 miles per hour (8km/h).

The research suggests that people who jog more than three times a week or at higher speeds of over 7mph (11km/h) die at the same rate as non-joggers. The scientists think that this is because strenuous exercise causes structural changes to the heart and arteries. Over time, this can cause serious injuries.

Peter Schnohr, a researcher in Copenhagen, said, "If your goal is to decrease risk of death and improve life expectancy, jogging a few times a week at a moderate pace is a good strategy. Anything more is not just unnecessary, it may be harmful."

The implications of this are that moderate forms of exercise such as tai chi, yoga and brisk walking may be better for us than 'iron man' events, triathlons and long-distance running and cycling. According to Jacob Louis Marott, another researcher involved in the study, "You don't actually have to do that much to have a good impact on your health. And perhaps you shouldn't actually do too much".

重点解析 Key Phrases/Words

marathon 马拉松

come as a shock 令人震惊的....

strenuous 剧烈的

likely 很可能的

sample group 抽样组

moderate 中等的,适度的

pace 步速,节奏

rate 比率

structural 结构性的

artery 动脉

life expectancy 预期寿命

strategy 策略

implication 暗示

brisk 轻快的

triathlon 三项全能运动

impact 效果,影响

(via BBC英伦网)