BBC随身英语MP3:你有什么借口? What's your excuse?



2015-10-10 13:34

BBC随身英语MP3:你有什么借口? What's your excuse?


What's your excuse?


Have you ever taken a sickie? If so, what did you say to your boss? It seems many people in the UK like to blame their pets for their absence.

One person said they couldn't come to work because their rabbit was missing. Perhaps that was a white lie; this next one though sounds more like a porky.

A worker said that he couldn't come to work because he had to take his dog to the vet. This might seem reasonable - apart from the fact that the man told his boss his dog was dead as a previous excuse for skiving off.

If you've ever worked as a teacher, you'll know that children can be very creative when it comes to excuses for not doing their homework.

Once again, it's popular to blame pets. According to a BBC survey, almost 10 percent of excuses involve pets eating the assignment. "The dog ate my homework" is a legendary excuse - no one is sure if a student has ever really used it.

But it's not just workplaces and schools which attract fibbers. People caught claiming welfare benefits illegally have also tried to con the authorities. A husband whose wife was working while also on the dole said that he didn't know she had a job because he was always in the garden shed during working hours.

There are many more ridiculous excuses people have made for not doing the things they were supposed to do. But there isn't enough room on this page to fit them all. And besides, I can't carry on because… the cat's eaten my keyboard. And what about you: what's your excuse?

重点解析 Key Phrases/Words

sickie 装病

absence 缺勤,缺席

white lie 善意谎言

porky 谎言

to skive off 旷工,逃学

assignment 作业

legendary 传奇的,典型的(借口)

fibber 爱撒小谎的人

welfare benefit 福利津贴

con 欺骗

on the dole 领取政府救济的

garden shed 花园小棚屋

ridiculous 荒谬可笑的