BBC随身英语MP3:夏天出生的孩子 Summer born kids



2015-10-10 13:44

BBC随身英语MP3:夏天出生的孩子 Summer born kids


Summer born kids


The first year of school can be stressful – not for the kids, but for the parents!

They want their little ones to do well at school and some pushy parents will already be thinking about how they can get their child to the top of the class.

But some parents are concerned about the rules for when children should start school.

The School Admissions Code for England says that children must join the reception class the September after their fourth birthday.

But here is the problem: A four year old who is born in August could be in the same class as someone who was born in October of the previous year! Both of them were four years old in September.

The older child will probably do better in class tests. He or she is almost a year older! This can affect the confidence of the younger child.

Now England's schools minister, Nick Gibbs says that the rules should be changed. In an open letter to councils, schools and parents he says, "Parents know their children best".

And he said that some parents "feel forced to send their child to school before they are ready".

He proposes that children that are born during the summer can join the class when they are four or wait until they are five.

Dr. David Whitebread, an educationalist from Cambridge University says that the UK has a summer-born effect because children start school so young.

"In countries with these later starting ages, there is a very much reduced summer-born effect or none at all", he said.

重点解析 Key Phrases/Words

stressful 有压力的,精神紧张的

pushy 争强好胜的

the top of the class 班级的尖子

concerned 担心,担忧

rules 规定

admissions 招生

reception 小班,学前班

to do better 表现更好

confidence 自信

open letter 公开信

forced 被迫

propose 提议

educationalist 教育学家

reduced 减少