48 Travel in the US



2011-10-12 14:42

48 Travel in the US


Unit 48 Travel in the US.

Practical conversation

W:Would you like to take the vacation?

M:Yes, I'd like to take the vacation?

W:Do you know what time is it?

M:Sorry, I don't. My watch is in the repair shop.

W:Will it cost much to have it fixed?

M:I don't know how much will it be.

W:What is the cheapest way to travel?

M:The cheapest way to travel is by bus.

W:Is bus travel fast or slow?

M:Bus travel is slow.

W:Is train travel comfortable?

M:Yes, train travel is comfortable.

W:Which is the most expensive to travel?

M:The most expensive way to travel is by plane.

W:How do most people like to travel?

M:Most people like to travel by car.

W:How can you travel in the United States?

M:I can travel by car, train or plane.

W:How much money do you have?

M:I don't have as much money as John.

W:Will he be late?

M:Yes, he will be late.

W:Will they wait for her?

M:No, they won't wait for her.

W:Will you leave next week?

M:Yes, we will leave next week.

W:Will you travel by bus?

M:Yes, I'll travel by bus.

W:Are you going to Denver soon?

M:Yes, I'll go to Denver soon.

W:You mean all the stores are closed?

M:The stores will be closed.

W:What's the matter with you.

M:Nothing is the matter with me.

W:What's the matter with this radio?

M:Nothing is the matter with this radio.

W:Must you travel by train?

M:Yes, I must travel by train.

W:Can't I travel by train?

M:Train travel is more expensive but it is faster than bus travel.

W:Are you going to work early?

M:Yes, I'm going to work early.