49 Cash in the bank



2011-10-12 14:43

49 Cash in the bank


Unit 49 Cash in the bank.

Practical Conversation

Q:Do you have some identification?

A:Yes,I have my passport. I also have this identification card.

Q:How do you want your money?

A:I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Q:Do you want large bills or small bills?

A:Give me fine 20's and the rest in smaller bills.

Q:Can I buy travelers checks here?

A:Yes,you can. At the next window.

Q:Can I change that for American money here?

A:Yes,you can.They'll change it for you at the window where you get the travelers checks.

Q:Do you have a bank account here?

A:I have $100 in my account at the bank.

Q:How large a bill do you have?

A:I have a 20 dollars bill.

Q:How much change do you have?

A:I only have 35 cents change.

Q:Will you cash my check?

A:You can cash it at the bank.

Q:Are travelers checks safe to carry with you?

A:Yes,only the owner can cash a travelers checks.

Q:Is it likely to rain tomorrow?

A:It's not likely to rain during this season of the year.

Q:Are these bills often called paper money?

A:These bills are sometimes called paper money.

Q:Do you have any change?

A:No,I'm sorry.I don't have any change.

Q:How much is a nickel worth?

A:A nickel is worth five cents.

Q:How much is a dime worth?

A:A dime is worth ten cents.

Q:How much is a quarter worth?

A:A quarter is worth twenty-five cents.

Q:Is it easy to count United States money?

A:It's easy to count United States money.

Q:Where can I cash a check?

A:You can cash a check at the bank.

Q:Where can I change my money for U.S.money?

A:You can change your money at the bank.

Q:How much is your check?

A:It's a government check for 129.37.

Q:How many inches make a foot?

A:Twelve inches make a foot.

Q:How many feet make a yard?

A:Three feet make a yard.

Q:How many inches are in a yard?

A:There are thirty-six inches in a yard.

Q:How many feet are in a mile?

A:There are 5,280 feet in a mile.

Q:How many ounces are in a pound of meat?

A:A pound of meat has sixteen ounces.

Q:How many eggs are in a dozen?

A:Twelve eggs are in dozen.

Q:How many pints make a quarter of milk?

A:Two pints of mild make a quarter.

Q:How many quarters of milk make a gallon?

A:Four quarters of milk make a gallon.

Q:How many quarters of milk make a gallon?

A:Four quarters of milk make a gallon.

Q:How many pounds are in a ton?

A:There are 2,000 pounds in a ton.