51 Shopping



2011-10-12 14:44

51 Shopping


Unit 51 Shopping

Practical Conversation

Q:May I help you,sir?

A:Yes,I'm looking for a suit size forty.

Q:Yes,sir.I'll be glad to show you some. Any particular color?

A:I'd like something in gray or blue.

Q:Do you want a darker gray? Is this the color you want?

A:Yes,that looks more like it.

Q:Take off your coat and try on this one.

A:The sleeves are not long enough.

Q:Try this one,then.The style is different and it may fit better.

A:Yes,this one feels comfortable.The sleeves are O.K.too.

Q:Is that as good as this one?

A:That's as good as this one.

Q:Will the price be the same?

A:The price will be the same.

Q:Do you always go to this store?

A:I always go to this store.

Q:Did you the students usually go to town on Saturday?

A:The students usually went to town on Saturday.

Q:How much is this suit?

A:This suit is $40 with tax.

Q:Is this girl as pretty as her sister?

A:No,this girl is not as pretty as her sister.

Q:Do you want to see about a suit?

A:Yes,I want to see about a suit.

Q:Is there a charge for fixing the trousers?

A:No,there is no charge for fixing the trousers.

Q:How many shirts did your friend buy?

A:My friend bought three shirts.

Q:How much coffee do you drink every day?

A:I drink a lot of coffee every day.

Q:How many times did you read your lesson?

A:I read my lesson six times.

Q:When will you pick up your suit?

A:I'll pick up my suit tomorrow.

Q:When will we pick you up?

A:You'll pick me up every day.

Q:Do you usually take the bus to town?

A:Yes,I usually take the bus to town.

Q:Do you ever fly to New York?

A:No,I never fly to New York.

Q:Do you want anything else?

A:Yes,I want something else.

Q:Do you already know English?

A:No,I don't know English yet.

Q:Is the train crowded yet?

A:No,the train is not crowded yet.

Q:Do you still like bacon and eggs?

A:Yes,I still like bacon and eggs.

Q:Is he already eating lunch?

A:No,he is not eating lunch yet.

Q:Does Paul usually work at night?

A:Yes,Paul usually works at night.

Q:Where should we go?

A:Let's go some place where we can talk.

Q:What about the National Club?

A:The National Club is nice.But the Metropolitan is quieter and not as crowded.It is also more interesting and has better food.

Q:Is that an interesting book?

A:Yes,but the book I read last week was more interesting.

Q:Does she have any friends here?

A:She has some friends here.

Q:Are there any books in the room?

A:There are some books in the room.

Q:Did she watch any TV shows last night?

A:Yes,she watch some TV shows last night.'

Q:Are there any large cities in the state?

A:There are some large cities in the state.

Q:Did you take any sandwiches with you?

A:Yes,I took some sandwiches with me.