52 Visit Doctor



2011-10-12 14:45

52 Visit Doctor


Unit 52 Visit Doctor

Practical Conversation

Q:Have you called the taxi,John?

A:Yes,I have.It should be here I a minute. Put on your coat and hat. Then we'll be ready.

Q:Here he is now.

A:Good,I'll take the bags. You go ahead and get in.

Q:Hurry,John.It's 6:25,and the train leaves at 6:35.

A:I'm hurrying.But your watch is fast.I have 6:20.

Q:No,it's 6:25.Look at the station clock.

A:Oh,yes,I guess you're right.Well I just have to pick up our tickets.Then we can get on the train. I'll get them and meet you right there.

Q:What are you looking for?

A:I'm looking for my key, but I can't find it.

Q:Are you ready?

A:We're ready to go to New York.

Q:Where did it take place?

A:It took place right here.

Q:Where are John and Mary going?

A:They are going to New York.

Q:Where did he put the bags?

A:He put them into a taxi.

Q:Where did they go?

A:They went to the station

Q:Was it a bus station?

A:It was a train station.

Q:Do you think I'm right?

A:Yes,I guess you're right.

Q:Do you suppose it's true?

A:Yes,I guess it's true.

Q:Where does the train leave from?

A:It leaves from gate 29.

Q:Are you ready to relax?

A:Yes,we're ready to take a break.

Q:Did you always study at night?

A:Yes,I studied every night.

Q:Did your friends frequently visit you?

A:Yes,they often visited us.

Q:Did they usually eat in a cafeteria?

A:Yes,they frequently ate there.

Q:When did they frequently take a trip?

A:They often went in the summer months.

Q:Are you feeling better?

A:I still have a bad cold and a headache.

Q:How are you getting along?

A:Fine now,thanks,just fine.