53 Travel by train



2011-10-12 14:45

53 Travel by train


Unit 53 Travel by train

Practical Conversation

Q:When is the next train to New York?

A:That's about two hours from now.

Q:Is there anything before then?

A:There's a local that leaves at 7:03.

Q:Can I leave my baggage somewhere?

A:The baggage section is right over there.

Q:Can we go skiing next week?

A:No,I must take a trip to New York.

Q:Are you going to drive?

A:In the winter,I usually go by train.

Q:Are you going to make reservations early?

A:That's a good idea.

Q:Do you carry your baggage?

A:No,I don't like to carry baggage.I always check it.

Q:Will you take a trip soon?

A:Yes,I'm going to take a trip tomorrow.

Q:When does the local leave?

A:The local leaves at 7:03.

Q:Which train leaves first?

A:The local leaves first.

Q:Which train arrives in New York first?

A:The Clipper arrives in New York first.

Q:Which train is faster?

A:The Clipper is faster.

Q:Where does the local stop?

A:The local stops at every station.

Q:Where does the Clipper stop?

A:The Clipper stops in the large cities.

Q:When will class be over?

A:It'll be over in ten minutes.

Q:Are you waiting for someone?

A:Yes,I'm waiting for my friend.

Q:Shall I tell him you're here?

A:I'd appreciate it.

Q:Who is going to New York?

A:The students will go to New York.

Q:Who is going to study tonight?

A:We are going to study tonight.

Q:Who will go swimming?

A:The boys will go swimming.

Q:Who is going to write Mary a letter?

A:John is going to write Mary a letter.

Q:Who will fix the car?

A:The mechanic will fix the car.

Q:What are you going to do tomorrow?

A:I'm going to fix the car.

Q:What is the teacher going to do?

A:The teacher will ask questions.

Q:What are we going to do now?

A:We're going to listen to a tape.

Q:What will the boys do tomorrow?

A:The boys will go fishing tomorrow.

Q:What will the man do on Saturday?

A:The man will cut the grass.