54 In the restaurant



2011-10-12 14:46

54 In the restaurant


Unit 54 In the restaurant.

Practical consersation

W:Are you ready to order now, sir?

M:Yes, let me have this roast beef special.

W:You have a choice of vegetables, green peas, lima beans or spinach.

M:I will have the green peas and make sure the beef is well done.

W:Yes,sir. What would you want to drink, coffee, tea or milk?

M:A cup of coffee,please, with cream and sugar.

W:The cream and sugar are on the table, sir.

M:Oh, yes.

W:Would you like to order some dessert?

M:What comes with the special?

W:Ice cream, fresh fruit or chocolate cake.

M:I think I will have a dish of Vanilla ice cream.

W:Yes, sir.

M:Waiter, may I have my check, please?

W:Here you are, sir. Pay the cashier at the door.