The Charcoal Pit



2011-8-11 18:25

The Charcoal Pit


Lesson 16

Text A

The Charcoal Pit
Erika was worried. Her restaurant was losing customers. The new restaurant across the street now had more customers than she did. She had even seen some of her own customers going to eat at The Charcoal Pit. What was she going to do?
One thing she could do was revise her menu. Maybe not everyone wanted hamburgers. She might add omelets and casseroles. The menu might help.
Perhaps the decor of her restaurant was dated. She could redecorate the place. Erika decided to consult an interior decorator who could give her some new ideas. A face-lift for Burger Haven would certainly lift her spirits.
In fact, she felt better after thinking of some improvements. Erika would fight to make her restaurant the most popular one in town.


Text B
There Is Hepe for Us !

Tina and Leela are talking to each other. They are standing outside a dance-hall and they are talking about dancing. TINA: I haven't danced for a long time.
LEELA: Neither have I.
TINA: We must go to a dance soon, or we'll forget how to dance.
LEELA: Yes, we must. What have you been doing since I last saw you?
TINA: I've been studying hard for my examinations. And you?
LEELA: I've been learning Japanese every evening.
TINA: Why have you been learning Japanese? Why not English?
LEELA: I hope to visit Japan next yesr.
TINA: Well, we'll both have to start learning all the new dances.
LEELA: Yes, let's go into the dance-hall and ask if we can take dancing-lessons .
TINA: A good idea. They can teach elephants to dance nowa days perhaps there's hope for
us !


Questions on Text B

7. Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.

When I looked out the window and saw the snow drift in the driveway, I thought to myself that I should never have gotten out of bed. I had been making preparatioris for more than two days for a large dinner party to bc held that night and knew that several of the people I was expecting to come would be calling to cancel if the snow continued much longer. I called upstairs to tell Jerry to look out the window. Jerry heard me and quickly got out of bed. He knew that the weather people had been predicting snow. Now it had really come. To Jerry, two or three inches of fresh snow would be just what was needed to make the ski trip a big success.