The Vending Machines贩卖机



2011-8-2 22:51

The Vending Machines贩卖机


Wife : I'm thirsty. How far is the closest store?

Husband : Probably thirty miles. I don't know. I feel like a cigarette myself,

Wife : You have three packs with you, haven't you?

Husband : Well, I smoked them all.

Wife : Oh, you are such a heavy smoker. We've just been out for six hours.

Husband : I can't drive without cigarettes. I'll doze off.

Wife : Hey, there seems to be a service station ahead.

Husband : Let's stop for a while and see what we can get there.

Wife : (Gets out of the car.) Anybody here?...Hello?...It's closed. Isn't a service station open round the clock?

Husband : Well, it's supposed to be. Who knows?

Wife : Hey, there're vending machines over there.

Husband : Oh, great! A cigarette vending machine.

Wife : And a soft drink vending machine.

Husband : Now you can have the drink you want and I can have my cigarettes.

Wife : Wait a second. Do you have any change?

Husband : Let me see.(He feels about the change in his pocket.) Here we are. One dollar, two quarters, and three dimes.

Wife : Good. That'll be just enough for my drink and your cigarettes.

Husband : Are you kidding? I need them for my cigarettes. I'll give you the left over change after I've bought my cigarettes.(He starts inserting the change into the slot.)

Wife : You can't do that! Stop! Oh, you ....