The New Colleague新同事



2011-8-2 22:51

The New Colleague新同事


May : What a stupid guy! A real troublemaker!

Vieky : Who?

May : Who else? John Peterson!

Vieky : What did he do?

May : He can't do anything right. He knows nothing about this business. I can't figure out how he got in this company.

Vieky : Come on, he just graduated from college. He is a new hand. Give him some time. Soon he will get the feel of this job.

May : I know, but you can't imagine how clumsy he is. This morning I told him to draw twenty thousand dollars from the bank. Guess what happened?

Vieky : What?

May : He drew the money all right, but he left the money at the bank.

Vieky : No.

May : Oh, yes. Because I didn't tell him to bring the money back to the office.

Vieky : What an awful thing to do.

May : That's not the worst. I can tell you a lot more which are worse than this.

Vieky : That's not necessary. You know what, I think you should report this to Mr. Reed.

May : Maybe I will.

Vicky : You'd better take steps before he does some real damage.