Taking Pictures拍照



2011-8-2 22:51

Taking Pictures拍照


George : Stand back a little....Move left. One more step....That's right. Ready? One, two, three, smile! This one is great.

Julie : I don't want to take any more. It takes at least ten minutes for you to take one picture.

George : Come on, Julie. I want these pictures to come out good. You wouldn't understand. You don't know anything about photography.

Julie : That's right, but I do know lots of photographers.They can definitely take more than one picture in ten minutes.

George : Take it easy, Julie. Why don't we take a break? I'll buy you.....an ice cream, OK?

Julie : OK. I want chocolate ice cream, double.

George : You get it! Wait here. I'll be right back.(After a few minutes )Here is your ice cream.

Julie : Thank you.

George : After you finish the ice cream, we'll go on. There are only three more to go.

Julie : All right. When these pictures are developed, will you give some to me?

George : Certainly. You can pick out the one you like best, and I'll make an enlargement of it.

Julie : That's very nice of you. Thanks.

George : Are you ready? Shall we start?

Julie : Sure.