Summer Vacation暑期



2011-8-2 22:51

Summer Vacation暑期


Judy : Hi, Jack. Who are you writing to?

Jack : I'm writing to my parents telling them I'll stay here this summer.

Judy : You're not going home? I thought you were going on a trip to Japan with your family.

Jack : Well, I intended to go with them, but I thought again and changed my mind.

Judy : Tell me. I'm interested in knowing' what keeps you from joining your beloved family and staying here. It certainly is not studying.

Jack : No, certainly not. Michael arranged for me to work at his uncle's institution.

Judy : How much will you be paid?

Jack : Judy, I don't do it for money, but for experience. Besides, it's voluntary work.

Judy : You work without payment? That's really something. What kind of work is it?

Jack : I'll be a teacher in one of his uncle's orphanages.

Judy : Oh, Jack, I'm impressed.

Jack : When will you leave for home?

Judy : Tomorrow. We'll fly to Hawaii two days after. I really have to pack now.

Jack : Go then. Have a nice vacation!

Judy : I'll send you postcards.