Sick Leave请病假



2011-8-2 22:51

Sick Leave请病假


John:Do you have any tissue, Eveline? I've used all mine.

Eveline:Here. Are you all right?

John: Thanks. I'm all right. It's just my nose. It must be an allergy....Do you have any aspirin? I have a terrible headache.

Eveline: I don't have an aspirin. Perhaps you should go to a doctor.

John : No, no. I'm okay. It's the weather. It was warm and sunny this morning, and now it's chilly and raining.

Eveline: Really, John. I still think you should go to a doctor. You've been sneezing ever since you entered the office this morning. Why don't you take this afternoon off? If you don't want to see a doctor, at least you can go home and have a good rest.

John: I can't. I'm already behind schedule. Besides, you know Mr. Thomas. He would think that I was putting him on.

Eveline: You didn't do anything but sneeze this morning, and you can't do anything this afternoon like this. (She places her hand on John's forehead.)Gee! You've got a fever!

John: Do I ? ...Oh, no.

Eveline: Listen to me. You go home now. I'll call my doctor and have him go over, OK?

John: What about Mr. Thomas?

Eveline: I'll handle him. Now go home. I'll call you after work.

John: Thanks a lot, Eveline. Good-bye.