Renting an Apartment租公寓



2011-8-2 22:51

Renting an Apartment租公寓


Mr. Wei I saw your advertisement in this morning’s New York Times, and I’d like to take a look at the apartment.

Mrs. Jones: Come in, please. It’s on the second floor. This way, please.

Mr. Wei How much does the apartment rent for?

Mrs. Jones: It’s three hundred dollars a month…Here we are. This is the living room. There are windows in every room. The kitchen is on your left.

Mr. Wei There are two bathrooms. That’s great!

Mrs. Jones: By the way, we don’t allow any pets here.

Mr. Wei I see. What about decorating?

Mrs. Jones: If you decide to move in, we will repaint the apartment on the condition that you sign a two-year lease.

Mr. Wei That means if I sign a one-year lease, there will be no redecorating at all?

Mrs. Jones: That’s right.

Mr. Wei If I decided to take it, how soon could I move in?

Mrs. Jones: You can move in any time you like. As you can see, it’s already cleaned up.

Mr. Wei Good. Er, Mrs…?

Mrs. Jones: Jones.

Mr. Wei Mrs. Jones, I like this apartment very much, but I’d like to know my wife’s and kids’ opinions. I’ll come back this evening with them. Will that be convenient?

Mrs. Jones: That’s fine with me.

Mr. Wei This is my business card. Thanks very much, Mrs. Jones. We’ll see you tonight.