2011-8-2 22:51



Melinda : Extra! Extra!

Agnes :Keep your voice down, Melinda. Didn't you see Helena is taking a nap?

Melinda : Allan was converted to Islam.

Agnes : Come on, Melinda. I'm working against the clock.This paper is due tomorrow. No time for your jokes.

Melinda : It's true. Allan was converted to Islam because of Jijila.

Agnes : Allan is a devout Christian. Everybody knows that.

Melinda : But Jijila and her family are devout Muslims.

Agnes : So? What does that have to do with Allan?

Melinda : Don't you understand? Allan is in love with Jijila. He wants to marry her.

Agnes : Go on.

Melinda : Jijila insisted that Allan should give up his religious beliefs, so Allan chose love and gave up his God.

Agnes : He does love Jijila very much, eh? It'll break Helena's heart when she hears this.

Melinda : Why? Was she involved?

Agnes : No. She is a Buddhist. She was in love with Allan.Well, you know, she left Allan because he would neither convert to Buddhism nor accept her having her own religious beliefs.

Melinda : Maybe Allan would like to marry Helena as his second wife. He is a Muslim now.