Purchasing Housewares购买家庭用品



2011-8-2 22:51

Purchasing Housewares购买家庭用品


Dorothy : How much is our budget?

Billy : Ten thousand dollars.

Dorothy : We've already bought an oven, a washing machine, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator. We don't have much money left, do we?

Billy : There's still more than enough money for you to buy kitchen equipments.

Dorothy : We need a blender, a toaster, some bowls and plates, two pressure cookers, a couple of frying pans, and two or three saucepans.

Billy : Take your time. Let's start with the blender.

Dorothy : Do you think we'll need a coffeepot?

Billy : I don't drink coffee, and neither do you. It's not necessary.

Dorothy : But we might have visitors who prefer coffee to tea.

Billy : It's up to you, but I prefer buying a tea service.

Dorothy : Can we buy both?

Billy : If it will please you, I have no objection.

Dorothy : Let's do that then.

Billy : Do we need a vacuum cleaner, Dorothy?

Dorothy : Oh, yes. A vacuum cleaner. I almost forgot that.

Billy : I wonder if they have delivery service. I certainly can't carry this much.

Dorothy : Let's ask them and then decide whether we should buy all the stuff in one day.