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Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on your answer sheet.
We all know that a magician does not really depend on “magic“ to perform his tricks,  31  on his ability to act at great speed.  32 , this does not prevent us from enjoying watching a magician  33  rabbits from a hat.  34  the greatest magician of all time was Harry Houdini who died in 1926. Houdini mastered the art of  35 . He could free himself from the tightest knots or the most complicated locks in seconds.  36  no one really knows  37  he did this, there is no doubt  38  he had made a close study of every type of lock ever  39 . He liked to carry a small steel needle-like tool strapped to his leg and he used this in  40  of a key. Houdini once asked the Chicago police to lock him in prison. They  41  him in chains and locked him up, but he freed himself  42  an instant. The police  43  him of having used a tool and locked him up again. This time he wore no clothes and there were chains round his neck, waist, wrists, and legs; but he again escaped in a few minutes. Houdini had probably hidden his “needle“ in a wax-like  44  and dropped it on the floor in the passage.  45  he went past, he stepped on it so that it stuck to the bottom of his foot. His most famous escape, however, was  46  astonishing. He was heavily chained  47  and enclosed in an empty wooden chest, the lid of  48  was nailed down. The  49  was dropped into the sea in New York harbor. In one minute Houdini had swum to the surface. When the chest was  50 , it was opened and the chains were found inside.

31.A. but B. then C. and  D. however
32.A. Generally B. However C. Possibly D. Likewise
33.A. to produce B. who produces C. produce D. how to produce
34.A. Out of the question B. Though C. Probably D. Undoubted
35.A. escaping B. locking C. opening D. dropping
36.A. Surprisingly B. Obviously C. Perhaps D. Although
37.A. when B. where C. how D. what
38.A. if B. whether C. as to D. that
39.A. invented B. invent C. being invented D. inventing
40.A. use B. place C. view D. absence
41.A. involved B. closed C. connected D. bound
42.A. at B. by C. in D. for
43.A. rid B. charged C. accused D. deprived
44.A. candle B. mud C. something D. substance
45.A. As B. Usually C. Maybe D. Then
46.A. overall B. all but C. no longer D. altogether
47.A. up B. down C. around D. in
48.A. it B. which C. that D. him
49.A. chest B. body C. lid D. chain
50.A. brought up B. sunk C. broken apart D. snapped#p#副标题#e#


  There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Mark your answers on your answer sheet.

51. The reporters exposed the corruption of several senior officers in the government; consequently, these officers    to resign from office.
A. have asked  B. were asked   C. had asked D. had been asked

52. The train at the present speed until it reaches the next city at about seven o'clock this evening.
A. will be going B. went C. would go D. went

53. Such    the case, there are no grounbsp; B. yet C. and D. that

60. The doctor advised him to stay in bed, saying he was much    .
A. ill enough B. too ill C. so ill D. very ill

61. I was      study French yesterday, but I changed my mind.
A. to be starting B. to start C. to have started D. to have been starting

62. You'd rather go to theater with him this evening,     ?
A. are you B. hadn't you C. isn't it D. wouldn't you

63.     that the formation of the sun, the planets, and other stars began with the condensation of an interstellar gas cloud.
A. It is believed B. Believing C. Being believed D. To believe

64. One of the most spectacular qualities of man is notably his    to any kind of natural environment.
A. tendency B. adoptability C. adaptability D. availability

65. I'm in no    now to go to concert with you.
A. mood B. intention C. emotion D. sense

66. The judger doesn't know whether the witness is telling the truth, but he will     it.
A. identify B. enforce C. distinguish D. verify

67. Before the plane     , the pilot bailed out.
A. clashed B. crashed C. smashed D. struck

68. Doctors often make higher      for their works than they should.
A. charges B. bills C. costs D. payments

69. Most of the earliest    into America came from Europe.
A. migrants B. emigrants C. immigrants D. inhabitants

70. His name was on the    of my tongue, but I just couldn't remember.
A. edge B. rim C. border D. tip

71. I caught a     of the name of the book before she put it into the drawer.
A. glimpse B. glance C. sight D. stare

72. Once you become a soldier, you will be given a monthly    by the army.
A. income B. allowance C. wage D. salary

73. I called at his house but was refused    .
A. admission B. access C. reception D. admittance

74. All too    it was time to go back to school after the Spring Festival.
A. quick B. soon C. fast D. speedy

75. He handled the company in    with his brother.
A. combination B. mixture C. collaboration D. association

76.     is announced in the papers, our country has launched a large-scale movement against smuggling and fraudulent activities in foreign currency exchange deals.
A. What B. As C. Which D. That

77. All the flights     because of the snowstorm, we had to take the train instead.
A. were canceled B. had been canceled C. having canceled D. having been canceled

78. Once    , this power station will supply all the neighboring towns and villages with electricity.
A. it being completed B. it completed C. completed D. it completes

79. He might have been killed     the timely arrival of the ambulance.
A. but for B. except for C. besides D. except

80. If you have never planted anything, you won't be able to know the pleasure of watching the thing you have planted    .
A. grow B. to grow C. growing D. to be growing#p#副标题#e#


In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the best answer.

Mark your answers on your answer sheet.

Text A
A twenty-year-old immigrant, Levi Strauss, came to the United States in 1850 to seek his fortune in the gold fields. But strangely enough, this man made his fortune on heavy canvas that he found suitable for working clothes. Strauss's jeans were particularly good for prospectors and cowboys. In the early days of jeans, this man couldn't have guessed that his pants, made only for rough work, would become so popular at all levels of society. Yes, this is a fact: jeans have become fashionable in our society. Furthermore, these pants have come to symbolize changes in social attitude.
In the last decade or two we have seen movements toward equality as well as defiance of authority. Jeans, now worn by everybody, can be said to symbolize these changes for the better. In the past, only men wore jeans, and these men were at the bottom—socially and economically. Jeans were worn by truck drivers, farm and factory workers. Today, jeans no longer are looked down upon. They are worn by both men and women, by both skilled and unskilled workers, by both employees and employers. This common way of dressing symbolizes respect for individuality, no matter what your occupation or sex. In the fight against authority, young people have been the leaders. So it is natural that teenagers would defy parents and school administrators over the right to wear jeans to class and win. Jeans are the typical dress of civil rights marchers, fans at rock concerts, “hippies“ returning to nature, and serious college students.
Because everyone can be comfortable in them, the blue jeans invented for the use of workers are now accepted almost anywhere, anytime. This is true not only in the United States, but in many other countries in the world. I strongly agree with the following statement: “Old or new, glorified or plain, jeans are likely to be around for a long time to come. Already they have succeeded where statesmanship has failed. Although unable to speak the same language, the inhabitants of this embattled planet have at least agreed to wear the same pants.“

81. Jeans, originally designed by Levi Strauss,     .
A. have become a symbol of the fashionable class
B. have come to symbolize changes in social attitude
C. are suitable wear for rough work only
D. are no longer so popular as they used to be

82. What is implied but not directly stated in the passage is that    .
A. young people have been the leaders in the fight against authority
B. today, jeans are no longer looked down upon
C. jeans are the typical dress of civil rights marchers
D. formerly students were not allowed to wear jeans to class

83. The author is of the opinion that    .
A. jeans are likely to be a short-lived fashion
B. jeans are popular only in the United States
C. jeans are likely to be popular for a long time to come
D. jeans are no longer fashionable

84. The last two sentences imply that    .
A. statesmen in the world are less competent than jeans
B. the inhabitants of the world should speak the same language
C. statesmen have failed to reach agreement on many major issues of the world
D. jeans will help statesmen to reach agreement on some world issues

Text B

Studies of children’s acquisition of language suggest that the faculty of language includes an inborn knowledge of the formal principles of language structure, a knowledge that depends on generically determined portions of (usually) that left cerebral (大脑的) hemisphere.Although it is well established that the left hemisphere is specialized for language, one cannot say that language is “located“ in this or that part of the hemisphere. What is known is that language discorders are the results of lesions (损伤) in the left hemisphere. Disorders of language resulting from damage to the brain are called aphasias (失语症).

The anterior(前面的)portion of the “language area“ is termed Broca’s area. Lesions in this area interfere with the motor(运动原)and articulatory aspects of language.Speech is slow,labored,grammatically incorrect,and telegraphic;in extreme cases,it may be impossible to carry out.Writing is likewise severely impaired.Comprehension of the spoken or written word,however,may be unimpaired or nearly so.(It is interesting to note that under emotional stress,a patient with Broca’s aphasia may be temporarily fluent.)Because Broca’s area is close to the motor cortex(脑皮层),if the former is damaged,the latter is often damaged simultaneously.Hence,such patients often suffer form weakness or paralysis of the right side of the body.Similar lesions in the right hemisphere will cause a left-sided weakness of paralysis but will have no effect on language.

Damage to the posterior (后面的) portion of the “language area, “ especially to Wernick’s area, results in a loss of comprehension of the spoken word and often of the written word. The patient’s native language is now like a foreign language. In addition, the patient’s speech is rapid and well-articulated, but without meaning. Writing is defective, and words that are heard cannot be repeated, although hearing itself is completely normal. Similar lesions in the right hemisphere usually have no effect on language.

Injuries to the “language area“ in children result in severe aphasias, but the development of language mechanism in the right hemisphere can often compensate for them to an extraordinary degree. This potential function of the right hemisphere is probably normally suppressed by the left hemisphere. In adults, aphasias from similar lesions are often permanent.

85.The author is primarily concerned with     .
A. describing the process of language acquisition
B. explaining potential treatment of language defects
C. showing the importance of the left hemisphere of the brain to language mechanisms
D. depicting various means of diagnosing language defects

86.Unlike a patient with Wernicke’s aphasia, a patient with Broca’s aphasia can     .
A. comprehend written but not spoken language
B. hear and read with comprehension
C. speak articulately and also comprehend spoken language
D. write and speak readily and coherently

87.According to the passage,which of the following statements about the right hemisphere of the brain is accurate?
A. It has the potential to serve as a “language area“.
B. It controls the ability to comprehend but not the ability to speak a language
C. If it is damaged, gross motor control of the right side of the body may be affected.
D. It is the right where Wernick’s area is located.

88.It can be inferred that aphasias in adults often result in permanent damage because     .
A. much memory is lost
B. adults have more trouble learning a foreign language
C. the right hemisphere is no longer as adaptable as it once was.
D. brain cells in adults are especially vulnerable to infection

89.It can be inferred that the author bases his description on     .
A. clinical studies of instances of damage to the brain
B. studies of language development in children without brain damage
C. microscopic examination of the brain structure
D. examples of the integration of the left and right hemispheres#p#副标题#e#


For millions of years before the appearance of the electric light, shift work,all-night cable TV and the Internet, Earth’s creatures evolved on a planet with predictable and reassuring 24-hour rhythms. Our biological clocks are set for this daily cycle.Simply put,our bodies want to sleep at night and be awake during the day. Most women and men need between eight and eight and a half hours of sleep a night to function properly throughout their lives.(Contrary to popular belief,humans don’t need less sleep as they age.)

But on average,Americans sleep only about seven and a half hours per night,a marked drop from the nine hours day averaged in 1910.what’s worse,nearly one third of all Americans get less than six hours of sleep on a typical work night. For most people, that’s not nearly enough.

Finding ways to get more and better sleep can be a challenge. Scientists have identified more than 80 different sleep disorders. Some sleeping disorders are generic. But many problems are caused by staying up late and sleeping in, by traveling frequently between time zones or by working nights. Dr. James. F. Jones at National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver says that sleep disorders are often diagnosed at other discomforts. About one third of the patients referred to him with possible chronic fatigue syndrome actually have treatable sleep disorders. “Before we do anything else, we look at their sleep,“ Jones says.

Sleep experts say that most people would benefit from a good look at their sleep patterns, “My motto (座右铭) is ‘sleep defensively’,“ says Mary Carskadon of Brown University. She says people need to carve out sufficient time to sleep, even if it means giving up other things. Sleep routines-like going to bed and getting up at the same time every day-are important. Pre-bedtime activities also make a difference. As with Elsneer, who used to suffer from sleeplessness, a few lifestyle change-avoiding stimulants and late meals, exercising hours before bedtime, relaxing with a hot bath—yield better sleep.

90.What is TRUE of human sleep?
A. Most people need less sleep when grow older.
B. Most people need seven and a half hours of sleep every night.
C. On average, people in the U. S. today sleep less per night than they used to.
D. For most people, less than six hours of sleep on a typical work night is enough.

91.For our bodies to function properly, we should   .
A. sleep for at least eight hours per night
B. believe that we need less sleep as we age
C. adjust our activities to the new inventions
D. be able to predict the rhythms of our biological clocks

92.According to the author, many sleeping disorders are caused by     .
A. other diseases
B. pre-bedtime exercises
C. improper sleep patterns
D. Chronic fatigue syndrome

93.Which of the following measures can help you sleep better?
A. Staying up late.
B. Taking a hot bath.
C. Having late meals.
D. Traveling between time zones.

94.“Sleep defensively“ means that     .
A. people should go to a doctor and have their problems diagnosed
B. people should exercise immediately before going to bed every night
C. people should sacrifice other things to get enough sleep if necessary.
D. People should give up going to bed and going up at the same every day.


The word laser was coined as an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Ordinary light, from the Sun or a light bulb, is emitted spontaneously, when atoms or molecules get rid of excess energy by themselves, without any outside intervention. Stimulated emission is different because it occurs when an atom or molecule holding onto excess energy has been stimulated to emit it as light.
Albert Einstein was the first to suggest the existence of stimulated emission in a paper published in 1917. However, for many years physicists thought that atoms and molecules always were much more likely to emit light spontaneously and that stimulated emission thus always would be much weaker. It was not until after the Second World War that physicists began trying to make stimulated emission dominate. They sought ways by which one atom or molecule could stimulate many others to emit light, amplifying it to much higher powers.
The first to succeed was Charles H. Townes, then at Columbia University in New York. Instead of working with light, however, he worked with microwaves, which have a much longer wavelength, and built a device he called a “maser“, for Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Although he thought of the key idea in 1951, the first maser was not completed until a couple of years later. Before long, many other physicists were building masers and trying to discover how to produce stimulated mission at even shorter wavelengths.
The key concepts emerged about 1957. Townes and Arthur Schawlow, then at Bell Telephone Laboratories, wrote a long paper outlining the conditions needed to amplify stimulated emission of visible light waves. At about the same time, similar ideas crystallized in the mind of Gordon Gould, then a 37-year-old graduate student at Columbia, who wrote them down in a series of notebooks. Townes and Schawlow published their ideas in a scientific journal, Physical Review Letters, but Gould filed a patent application. Some decades later, people still argue about who deserves the credit for the concept of the laser.
95.Which of the following statements best describes a laser?
A.A device for stimulating atoms and molecules to emit light.
B.An atom in a high-energy state.
C.A technique for destroying atoms or molecules.
D.An instrument for measuring light waves.
96.Why was Townes' early work with stimulated emission done with microwaves?
A.He was not concerned with light amplification.
B.It was easier to work with longer wavelengths.
C.His partner Schawlow had already begun work on the laser.
D.The laser had already been developed.
97.In his research at Columbia University, Charles Townes worked with all of the following EXCEPT    .
A.stimulated emission B.microwaves C.light amplification D.a maser
98.In approximately what year was the first maser built?
A.1917. B.1951. C.1953. D.1957.
99.Why do people still argue about who deserves the credit for the concept of the laser?
A. The researchers' notebooks were lost.
B. Several people were developing the idea at the same time.
C .No one claimed credit for the development until recently.
D. The work is still incomplete.
100.According to the passage,Townes,Arthur Schawlow,and Gordon Gould didn't    .
A. come up with similar ideas about laser
B. write their ideas down
C. work at Columbia University
D. do their share for the study of the laser


You may not have thought of it just this way, but the letter you write is part of you, and expression of your personality. Therefore to write letters that are mere patterns of form is to present a colorless personality.

Letters, by their very nature, are too individual to be standardized. A letter may be absolutely perfect according to the standards of good taste and good form; but unless it also expresses something of the writer's personality, it is not a good letter.

In other words, don't be satisfied to write letters that are just correct and nothing more. Try to write letters that are correct for you... letters that are warm and alive with reflections of your own personality.

And if this sounds like a platitude (陈词滥调), stop for a moment and think back over your recent correspondence. What was the most interesting letter you received? Was it a letter anyone could have written? Or was it a letter that instantly “came alive“ as you read it—that brought the personality of the sender right into the room with you. as though you were face to face, listening instead of reading?

The fault with too many letters, today as in the past—the reason so many letters are dull and lifeless, and often fail to accomplish the purpose for which they are written is simply this: They sound exactly like the letters everyone else writes. They are neither exciting to receive nor stimulating to read.

98. What does the author mean by saying “the letter you write is part of you“?

A. Writing letters plays an important part in your life.

B. When you write letters, you should be careful about what to write.

C. People can see your personality from the letters you write.

D. You should write good letters.

99. What does the author want to explain in the fourth paragraph?

A. A good letter presents one's personality.

B. His opinion is a platitude.

C. Letter-writing is interesting.

D. Talking face to face is a better way to communicate than writing letters.

100. The best title for the passage is___________.

A. Letter Writing B. Personality in Letter Writing

C. To Write Interesting Letters D. To Write Correct Letters#p#副标题#e#


Write on ANSWER SHEET TWO a composition of 200 words on the following topic:
Having a Company before Graduation
You are to write in three parts.
In the first part state what you think is the best way.
In the second part, support your view with one or two reasons.
In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or summary.
Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriateness. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.

Write on ANSWER SHEET TWO a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:
You are a secretary of a company. You need a photograph of Mr. Charles to fulfill a file. Write a note to him.
Marks will be awarded for content,organization,grammar and appropriateness



【详细解答】此题考点为not … but的句型搭配,表示“不是……而是“符合句意,因此答案为A。

32.【参考答案】B ?
【详细解答】 根据上下文结构和句意,此空需要一个关联性的状语, 而且根据句义需要一个表示转折意义的副词, 故选项B However 为正确答案。Generally 意为“广泛地,普遍地,总的来说“,可作评述性状语;Possibly意为“可能地“,也可作评述性状语和一般修饰性状语;Likewise意为“同样地,照样地;又,也“,在句中可作关联性的状语,但不是转折意义的。

33.【参考答案】C ?
【详细解答】此空涉及到某些感官动词如:see/hear/watch/feel等所接宾语结构。这些动词后可接复杂宾语结构,即see/hear/watch/feel + sb. + do或see/hear/watch/feel + sb. + doing,因此此题正确答案为选项C。

34.【参考答案】C ?
【详细解答】首先可知此空需要一个副词,因此可排除B和D。Out of the question意为“不可能“,意义不合适;Probably意为“很可能地“,用在此处表示作者比较肯定的猜测。


36.【参考答案】D ?

37.【参考答案】C ?
【详细解答】根据句意,此处应填入表示方式的关系词表示“……如何“,因此答案C how符合句意,为正确答案。

38.【参考答案】D ?

39.【参考答案】A ?
【详细解答】过去分词invented为后置定语修饰前面的名词,表示以前发明的各种锁,因此,可排除B和D,C 则表示过去分词的进行式,根据“…every type of lock ever…“,可排除C,因此A 为正确答案。

40.【参考答案】B ?
【详细解答】in place of 为固定搭配,表示“代替……位置“符合句意。


42.【参考答案】C ?
【详细解答】 in an instant是固定搭配,意为“立刻,马上“。

43.【参考答案】C ?
【详细解答】四个选项中动词charge一般不与of搭配使用。rid … of 意为“除掉“,不符。deprive … of意为“剥夺……“,意义不符。选项C accuse 和of 搭配意为“指控……“,为正确答案。

44.【参考答案】D ?
【详细解答】mud和something是不可数名词,不符;像蜡一样的candle是不合逻辑的;因此只有选项D substance(物质)正确。

【详细解答】通过阅读本句可断定此空需要一个从属连词引导时间状语,四个选项只有A as 正确。

46.【参考答案】D ?
【详细解答】overall是形容词,不符;all but意为“几乎,差不多“,意义不符;no longer(不再)意义不符。故只有altogether(总起来说)符合,故为正确答案。

47.【参考答案】A ?
【详细解答】根据上文意思,此句意为“他被铁链紧紧束缚住并关进了一个空的木箱。“在A,B,C,D 四个选项中A chain sb./ sth. up 表示“用链子等物束缚住某人或某物“符合句意,其它均无这种搭配,因此A为正确答案。


49.【参考答案】A ?

50.【参考答案】A ?
【详细解答】通过阅读上下文可知,Houdini被装进木桶扔进了海里,但他很快就逃了出来,当木桶被捞上来时,人们发现桶被打开了,捆在木桶外面的铁链子却被放到了桶里面,由此可知此空应选A brought up“把……弄上来“。#p#副标题#e#



【详细解答】such being the case在句中作状语,是分词独立结构,其中such在此作代词,常用结构。no grounds to意为“没有根据,理由,原因等“。

【详细解答】excuse sb. from sth. (doing sth.)意为允许不(参加)某活动,常用词组。

1)先行词由形容词的最高级或由序数词last, next, only等限定词修饰时;?
2)先行词为all, everything, anything, nothing, little, much等时。?


【详细解答】当should和ought to作“应该“之意时,可互换,表示推论。但在疑问句中一般不用ought to而用should,比如:Should we begin? 而不会用Ought we to begin?



【详细解答】为强调程度的大小,可以在副词too的前面加上much,far,a little等词。此句中much用来修饰too ill,其余选项均不适合。

【详细解答】要表示“过去想做而未做的事“,在本句中的表达方式应为was (were)+to have done sth,译为“本来想做……的事。“

【详细解答】You’d rather为You would rather的简略方式,因此在反意问句中用助动词would提问。

【详细解答】根据句意,选项B、C只构成分句,没有主句,选项D则只有主语,没有其它成分。只有A项才构成It is+过去分词+that结构,使句意完整。


【详细解答】in mood表示有……的心情,常用词组;intention表示意愿;emotion表示情感;sense表示感觉,均不符合题意。



【详细解答】make charges for是词组,意为对……收费,索价。bills意为账单,costs意为代价,payments意为付费,均不能与make … for构成符合题意的词组。


【详细解答】on the tip of one’s tongue是固定词组,意为就在嘴边,其余三词虽有边、边缘等义,但不能构成此词组。

【详细解答】catch (get) a glimpse瞥见,强调行为结果;take a glance扫视,匆匆一看,强调行为动作;sight视力;stare瞪视。根据题意,应是“看见了“这个结果,且应与动词catch搭配构成词组,所以应选A项。



【详细解答】all too soon意为日子过得太快。all too是惯用语,常接副词,意为“太“。quick“短暂“可指动作、时间、常作定语形容词;fast往往指动作快;speedy也指动作快。

【详细解答】collaboration协作,合作,in collaboration with与……合作。其余三词均不合题意。

【详细解答】as在这里是一个代词,常用在类似as is well known这样的句子中,意为“这一点大家都知道“。


【详细解答】once在这里是连词,意为“一旦……就……“,后面省略了it is。

【详细解答】but for 意为“要不是“,它的典型使用就是在虚拟语气的句子中,所以正合题意。

【详细解答】watch 后接不带to的不定式作宾语补足语。#p#副标题#e#

Text A 短文大意

不可否认的是牛仔已成为我们社会的一种流行;更进一步说,牛仔代表了一种社会观点的转变。而这一切都源于在1850年到美国追寻他的金色梦想的一位20岁的年轻人——Levi Strauss。
Levi Strauss的牛仔最初只是针对那些干重活的人们设计的,如勘探者和牛仔,然而谁会料到今天它会被各个阶层所接受。在过去的一二十年里我们目睹了崇尚平等和抵制权威的运动,而牛仔则是这一运动的象征。不在乎职业与性别,不在乎社会地位和经济地位,作为独立的个人,你都可以选择牛仔。当然不仅在美国是如此,在全世界的许多其他国度都是这样。也许不能说同一种语言,但至少这个处于防御状态的星球上的居民选择了相同类型的裤子。

【参考译文】最初由Levi Strauss设计的牛仔裤______________。?
【详细解答】根据原文第一段最后一句,“Furthermore, the pants have come to symbolize changes in social attitude(更进一步地说,牛仔裤已象征了一种社会观念的转变。)“,因此B为正确选项。

【详细解答】根据原文第二段倒数第二句“So it is natural that teenagers would defy
parents and school administrators over the right to wear jeans to class … “(所以很自然,年轻人会与他们的父母及学校当局斗争以争取在教室穿牛仔的权利)。

【详细解答】根据原文最后一段,“ … jeans are likely to be around for a long time to come(在未来的很长的一段时间内,牛仔将继续存在。)“,因此C为正确选项。

【详细解答】根据原文最后两句,“Already they have succeeded where statesmanship has failed. Although unable to speak the same language, the inhabitants of this embattled planet have at least agree to wear the same pants(它们已获得了政治家们不能达到的成功。虽然不能说同一种语言,但至少这个处于防御状态的星球上的居民已同意穿同一类型的裤子了。)“这儿暗示政治家们就许多全球问题未能达成一致。因此C为正确选项。
Text B 短文大意







Text C 短文大意

本文讲的是睡眠问题。琼斯医生说,睡眠紊乱经常被诊断为其他毛病。睡眠有规律是很重要的。与睡前的活动也有关系。晚饭不要吃得太晚, 睡前避免过长时间的运动,洗个热水澡,都会使人睡得香一点。



【详细解答】第3段第3句说,“许多睡眠问题是由晚睡晚起、经常作跨时区旅行及上夜班引起的“。在这里只提到了“晚睡晚起“,即C所指的improper sleep patterns,而没有提到其他疾病、睡前锻炼和慢性疲劳综合症,因此惟有C是正确选项。


【详细解答】本题考对短语“sleep defensively“的意思理解,这要从上下文去理解。下面一句话说,人们须挤出足够的睡眠时间,哪怕这意味着放弃其他的事情。这就解释了该短语的意义。因此选项C“如果必要人们应牺牲其他事情来得到足够的睡眠“是正确答案。
Text D 短文大意?

本文讲述的是激光的发现。激光是辐射刺激性放射光扩大的首字母缩略词。当原子或分子没有任何外部的干涉并摆脱超额能量的时候,从太阳或灯泡中就会自然发出普通光。刺激性放射与之不同是因为它的发光是在拥有超额能量的原子或分子被刺激而发射出来的。文章重点叙述了不同时期科学家的工作和研究,其中,汤尼斯和阿瑟 Schawlow作出了巨大贡献,然而人们到今天还在争论谁应享有最终的荣誉。

【详细解答】A 刺激原子和分子发出光来的发明;B 高能量状态下的原子;C 破坏原子或分子的技术;D 测定光波的器械。第一段中谈到:激光是辐射刺激性放射光扩大的首字母缩略词,而原子或分子被刺激而发射出来的光不同于自然发射的光。故A为正确选项。

【详细解答】A 他对光的扩散不感兴趣;B 和更长的波长一起使用更方便;C 他的伙伴Schawlow 已经开始对激光的研究;D 激光已经被开发。第三段第一,二句话表明:最初的成功人物是查尔斯H.汤尼斯,他在纽约的哥伦比亚大学(美)工作。没有用光来工作,他利用微波,因为它有更长的波长。他还建造叫做微波激射器的装置,为辐射刺激性放射的微波扩大。故应选B。


【详细解答】第三段第三句话:Although he thought of the key idea in 1951, the first maser was not completed until a couple of years later. 尽管在1951年关键的想法已经产生,第一个微波激射器还是直到二年后完成 。所以应该选C。


【参考译文】根据文章,Townes, Arthur Schawlow 和Gordon Gould 没有___________。
【详细解答】由最后一段可知这三人几乎在同时提出了有关激光的见解,前两人写出了一篇长长的论文,而Gordon Gould 则将这些想法写在了一系列的笔记薄中。正因如此,几十年来人们争论不休的是激光概念的形成究竟应归功于谁,但是三者确实都为此做出了自己的贡献。只有C项没有明确提及。#p#副标题#e#

Having a Company Before Graduation

Recently, having a company is becoming a fashionable trend for students when they are still in college. However, different people have different opinions towards this phenomenon.
Having a company before graduation can bring some advantages to the students. Firstly, the students can earn some money and support themselves. That will raise their independent and exploring spirit. Secondly, the companies can serve as an important channel for the students to communicate with the out world. Finally, the students can learn some real experience which they cannot learn in college. However, the negative effects of having a company before graduation should not be neglected. To run a company will cost much time which should be spent on studying. The main task of students is studying, that’s why many students abandoned the company and returned to classes. In addition, students lack financial support and economic knowledge to handle a company.?
In my opinion, to some extent, we should encourage students to have a company in order to gain some experience and money. But after all, the major part of the students energy should be put on their studying.
May 3
Dear Mr. Charles,
Could you please supply me with one photograph of yourself? I realize I do not have one for your file and it is important that we have a photograph of you on file. If it is not bothering, please send it to me as soon as possible.
Thank you.
? Mary Smith
Secretary of the Board