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A hamburger (or burger) is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat, usually beef, placed in an open bun or between two slices of bread. Hamburgers are often served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, or cheese and condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and relish.
汉堡包(或称汉堡)是一种夹了一块碎肉馅的三明治,通'常是将 牛肉放在一片小圆面包上或夹在两片面包之间。汉堡包经常配有莴 苣、西红柿、洋葱、泡黄瓜,或奶酪和调味品,如番茄酱、芥末,蛋黄酱 以及其他佐料。

Hamburgers are usually a feature of western fast food restaurants. The hamburgers served in major fast food establishments are mass-produced in factories and frozen for delivery to the site. A high-quality hamburger patty is made entirely of ground beef and seasonings; this may be described as an “all-beef hamburger“ or “all-beef patties“ to distinguish them from inexpensive hamburgers made with added flour, texturized vegetable protein or other fillers to decrease their cost.
汉堡包通常是西方快餐店的特色。在主要快餐店供应的汉堡包 是在工厂里大批量生产冷冻后送来的。高品质的汉堡包肉饼完全是由牛肉和调味料制成。它们可被称作“全牛肉汉堡“或“全牛肉饼“, 以区别于添加了面粉、膨体植物蛋白或其他添加剂以降低成本制成 的廉价汉堡包。

It’s not possible to get a hamburger in the North Korean capital, but it is possible to buy “minced beef with bread“ at Pyongyang’s first fast food restaurant.

Although the leader Kim Jong-Il, has long banned any cultural influences considered to be “US imperialist", the country opened its first-ever fast-food restaurant in June, 2009.

The restaurant was opened with the help of a Singaporean company, according to the Choson Sinbo, a North Korean newspaper operating out of Japan. The newspaper added that the restaurant also serves waffles and draught beer, and is planning to introduce hot dogs and croissants to its menu, but with Korean names.
根据在日本经营的《朝鲜新报》报道,这家餐厅是在一家新加坡公司帮助下开业的。该报补充道,餐厅也提供华夫饼干和桶装啤酒, 并计划引进热狗和羊角面包,但用朝鲜名字写在菜单上。

All of its burgers, whether made of minced beef, fish or vegetables, come with lashings of kim-chi, the spicy pickled cabbage that Koreans prize.

Before the restaurant opened, staff were trained on cooking and service techniques by a staffer dispatched from the Singaporean company, but it developed food with new flavors after repeated tasting and sampling.

The menu features many items that would be familiar to most Americans, but while there is an item that looks like a hambuiger and tastes like a hamburger the North Koreans do not call it a hamburger.
美国人对菜单上大多数东西都很熟悉,但上面有一道菜看起来像汉堡包、吃起来像汉堡包但 朝鲜人却不称其为汉堡包。

The North Koreans are concerned about foreign influences and were reluctant to call their “minced beef with bread“ by its common American name.

The associated press was allowed to shoot video inside the restaurant as the staff prepared meals for customers.

The video showed the staff, mostly young women, in orange aprons and white hats cooking hamburgers and French fries.

“It is not so long since its opening, but our restaurant has become popular among our people and foreigners,“ manager Ko Jong Ok told broadcaster in Pyongyang on Thursday. uWe are planning to set up branches in many places of the city in the future.“
星期二,Ko Jong OK经理在平壤告诉记者虽然开店时间不长,但我们的餐厅已经深受广 大市民和外国人的欢迎,我们正计划将来在城市的很多地方开设分店。“

One British customer said he was satisfied.

“I think it is very clean and I think every effort has been made to present the food very well'' George Bottomley said.

“Minced beef and bread“ costs $ 1.70 ( £ 1.03),roughly the same price as a McDonald’s cheeseburger in the UK but almost half the daily income of an average North Korean. The average wage in North Korea last year was just under £ 650.

Such hamburgers are unlikely to be frequented by ordinary people in the DPRK, which is one of the world’s poorest countries.