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Pushpa Kagda weeps as she tries to understand what has just happened to her family. She is the mother of a little boy and she is pregnant, but Pushpa no longer has a husband to help raise her children.
一想到为什么她的家庭遭受如此不幸,Pushpa Kagda就开始哭 泣。她有一个年纪尚幼的儿子,肚子里又怀着一个,但她已没有丈夫 帮助她抚养孩子了。

Pushpa Kagda became a widow after her husband drank tainted alcohol. She is not alone. Beside her sit her two sisters-in-law who suffer in silence. They are newly widowed, too.
在她的丈夫喝了假酒后,Pushpa成为了寡妇。不仅仅是她,她的 两个妯娌也刚刚丧偶,都静静地坐在她旁边。

Their husbands, all brothers, died within days of each other. Their deaths came because each one of them drank from the same poisonous brew. Police say tainted alcohol was being sold in their neighborhood.
她们的丈夫和所有的兄弟,在几天之内相继死亡。他们全都是 因为喝了同一种有毒的啤酒而丧命。蒈方称这种假酒在他们的社区 出售。

The elder brother was the first to drink and died soon after Pushpa,s husband was next.

“His elder brother died. He was affected by it and went and got drunk on alcohol,“ Pushpa said as tears rolled down her cheeks. “After he came back, he wasn’t feeling well. There was foam coming out of his mouth and we admitted him to the hospital.“
“他受他哥去逝的影响出去买了点儿酒喝,回来后他感到不舒 服,之后嘴里吐出泡沬,我们立即将他送到医院。“说这些的时候, Pushpa已经是泪流满面了。

It was too late. Pushpa,s husband followed his brothers to the grave.

Pushpa’s mother-in-law does not know how the tight-knit family will survive. Everyone has to work in this family. Some are sweepers, others day laborers and maids. They make just enough to feed and cloth themselves and their children.
Pushpa的婆婆不知道这个贫困的家庭该如何生活下去。这个家 的每一个人都要去工作。有的当清洁工,其他的当钟点工和女佣。他 们挣的钱仅够自己和孩子们糊口 ^

“How will I help them now?“ asked Dhanpati Kagda, the mother-in law. “My children’s life is spoiled now.“
婆婆Dhanpati Kagda问“我将如何帮助他们呢?我的孩子们都 死了。“

Police said the Kagdas were one of 10 families in the same Delhi neighborhood who are in mourning after tainted alcohol was imbibed.
蓍方说,Kagda家是他们所在的德里区因饮用假酒酿成悲剧的 10个家庭之一。

It is a scenario that has played out dozens of times, killing hundreds of people across India over the years. In Ahmedabad this month, police said more than 100 people died and more than 200 were sickened after drinking tainted alcohol.
这样的场景上演了无数次,每年在印度夺走数百人的生命。警方表示,本月初在艾哈迈达巴 德,有超过100人在饮用假酒后死亡,另外有超过200人因此生病。

“It's a big problem,“ said Southwest Delhi Deputy Commission of Police K. Jagdesan. “It’s men who die more often from lower income groups. So they (the women) don’t have anybody to support them.“
西南德里警察委员会代表K ? Jagdesan说这是一个大问题。死的多是低收入家庭的男子,因此 没有人能养她们(女人)。“

Poor laborers and slum dwellers are often the ones who get sick because they cannot afford the licensed alcohol sold at government-approved shops. Or, they live in parts of India where it is illegal to sell alcohol.
得病的往往是贫困的工人和贫民窟居民,因为他们无力在政府授权的商店内购买批准出售的 酒类。或者,他们生活在印度部分禁止出售酒类的地区。

In either case, people turn to illegal vendors who sell homemade hooch or watered-down cheap alcohol. The supplier sometimes adds toxic ingredients to these that are meant to get the drinker higher 一 faster and cheaper.
无论是哪种情况,人们转向出售自制酒或廉价掺水酒的非法商贩。这些商贩有时在酒中掺人 有毒成分,它们可以让顾客喝得更尽兴,因为这种酒来得更快更便宜。

In Pushpa Kagda’s neighborhood, another common problem has surfaced. The neighborhood went on a rampage against police and destroyed some police property because they believed the authorities were somehow involved with the illegal alcohol vendors.
在Pushpa Kagda所在的社区,另一个共同的问题巳经浮出水面。居民们持续和蒈察发生冲突 并摧毁他们的部分财产,因为他们认为当局以某种方式参与了非法酒类生产。

“We have taken action against the police officers of that area,“ Jagdesan said. “We have suspended some of the police officers and an enquiry is being done (as to) why so much selling of liquor was happening in that area.“
Jagdesan说:“我们已对这一地区的瞀察进行整顿。我们已对部分警务人员进行调查,正在询 问他们为什么这个区域内有那么多假酒出售。“

Back at the Kadga home, the three widows~their faces covered in mourning~squat at their doorstep, surrounded by their children.

The children don’t understand why their fathers will never come home. But they know something is wrong as sadness permeates the air.
孩子们不明白为什么他们的父亲永远不会回来了。但从充满悲伤的气氛中,他们知道事情不 对劲。

“Our famili was uprooted,“ Pushpa Kagda said. “I hope nobody else has to face this.“
Pushpa Kagda说:“我们的家庭失去了立足的基础,我不希望再有人必须去面对这种事。“