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Seoul Metropolitan City plans to set up more bicycle-only roads to encourage citizens and travelers to use eco-friendly forms of transport. The plan is part of the city’s free bicycle scheme, which is similar to Paris’ Velib.
首尔市计划设立更多的自行车专用车道,以鼓励市民和游客使 用这种环保的交通方式。该计划是城市免费自行车方案的一部分, 类似于巴黎的Velib计划。

Earlier in August, the city government announced it will install bike stations in various places around the city in much the same way as Paris is doing now.
8月初,市政府宣布将效仿巴黎现在的做法,在城市周围各个地 方设置自行车站。

The French city has bike stations every 300 meters with about 20,000 public bicycles in order to reduced traffic jams and lessen environmental pollution. Travelers and citizens alike can simply swipe their ordinary travel cards and borrow the bike for a short trip. They do not need to return the bike to the same pick-up point, but can leave it at the nearest Velib stand where their journey ends. The first half hour is free but bike users have to pay for every additional 30 minutes. A subscription payment ranging from one day to a few months is also available.
为了缓解交通堵塞和减少环境污染,法国巴黎每隔300米设置 一个配备有2万辆公用自行车的自行车站。只要简单地刷下普通 的旅游卡,游客和市民都可以借车做短期旅行。使用者并不需要返回借车处,只要将车停放在离自己旅程终点最近的车站即可。 自行车使用的第一个半小时是免费的,但超过后按每30分钟加 费一次。该计划也提供从一天至几个月不等的预订收费。

The Seoul authority is now seeking proper measures to launch the Seoul version of Velib since the new bike-friendly policies came into effect in May, the official said.
有关官员称,因为这项新的自行车环保政策要在5月实施,首尔 当局现在正在寻求适当的措施去展开首尔版的Velib计划。

The 120-billion-won (88-million-dollar) plan is based on a “road diet“ programme, under which the number of lanes for passenger vehicles in major roads will be cut to create new cycle paths. It calls for the construction of 17 main cycle paths totaling 200 kilometres that criss-cross the sprawl-ing city and one downtown seven- kilometre beltway,
这项基于“畅通大道“纲领的计划共耗资1200亿韩元(8800万美 元)。在此计划下,一些主干道的乘车道要被改建成新的自行车道。 该计划要建设起17条纵横交错连接全城,总长达200公里的自行车 主干道和7000公里的市区环城车道。

A problem confronting Seoul, however, is that the city lacks road infrastructure and related transportation law to guarantee the efficient operation of the free bicycle project
然而,首尔面临的问题是,该市缺少保证该免费自行车计划有 效运行的道路基础设施和有关交通法律。

In order to secure the safety of bike riders, the city will expand the current 55-kilometer bike-only road length to up to 360 kilometers by 2010. For the plan, it will divide the city into five areas and invest 21.8 billion won to set up 45 bike-only roads.
为了确保骑车人的安全,该市将在2010年前将目前55公里长的 自行车专用道延长至360公里。这项计划将把城市分为5个区,需要 投资218亿韩元建立起45个自行车专用道路。

A total of 24 billion won will be allotted to enable bike riders to safely travel between southern and northern Seoul. The bike-friendly project will also link Seoul city to other neighboring cities such as Guri City and Hanam City in Gyeonggi Province by 2009.
共有240亿韩元的拨款将用在来往于南北首尔的骑车人保险 上。这个自行车环保项目也将在2009年之前将首尔同其周边的九 里、汉南和京畿道等城市连接起来。

In addition, the city government will introduce insurance products for bicycle riders under close cooperation with the domestic insurance industry as well as revise Transportation Law involving a bicycle. The city also will invite more ideas to better design Seoul’s version of Velib.
此外,市政府将与国内保险业密切合作,向骑车人介绍保险产品和修改与自行车有关的交通 法。为了更好地设计首尔版Velib计划,该市诚邀更多意见。

“Although the infrastructure construction is expensive, it will bring more benefits to the metropolitan city and its citizens by promoting the eco-friendly transportation,“ a Seoul city spokesman said. “Bicycle-friendly communities will make people feel safer and more comfortable while riding their bikes for purposes of both fitness and transportation. With more Seoulities bicycling, we can experience reduced traffic demands, improved air quality and greater physical fitness,“ he said.
首尔发言人表示,虽然基础设施建设投资大,但它促进了环保交通,将会给城市和市民带来更 大利益。他说自行车环保社区会使人们在骑车时觉得更安全、更舒适。这对健身和交通都有利。随着越来越多的首尔市民骑自行车,我们就能拥有更顺畅的交通,更洁净的空气和更棒的身体。

“Any urban areas where commuters only rely on vehicles burning fuel cannot avoid blame for global warming and traffic congestion,’,Seoul City Mayor Oh Se-Hoon said on Wednesday, on the city government’s website.
首尔市市长吴世勋周三在市政府网站上表示,“任何只能靠燃烧燃料通勤的城市无法逃脱造 成全球温室效应和交通堵塞的责任。“

“We will make sure that bicycles will compete with vehicles for commuting in Seoul,’’ said Oh, who rides his bicycle to work every day.

Only 1.6 percent of all commuters use bicycles in Seoul, partly due to a lack of dedicated paths. The city government wants to increase this to 4A percent in 2012, 7.6 percent in 2016, and 10 percent in 2020.
首尔只有1.6%的人使用自行车出行,部分原因是缺乏专门的车道。市政府希望在2012年把该 数字提高到4.4%, 2016年为7.6%,2020年为10%。

The city will also construct bicycle parks at 16 subway stations — complete with shower rooms and lockers for cyclists before they transit to the subway.