ESL商务会议英语(音频):1-2 非正式会议



2016-1-21 11:23

ESL商务会议英语(音频):1-2 非正式会议


1-2 非正式会议


Business Meetings:

Alex: Okay, everybody. Please take a seat. Lets get started. Ive called this meeting of our top salespeople so that all of you get a chance to hear about the new plan to get our company out there in order to reach more of our potential market. First, well hear a presentation from the team that has been working on this. Then, well discuss it to get your feedback and put our heads together to see if there are any other ideas.

While the team is getting set up, let me say a few words. What does this new plan mean for our company? First, its a reality check on where we are right now in terms of getting our message to our customers. Second, this plan has the potential to move the company forward. One of our main challenges, as you all know, is staying relevant in this changing market. Todays presentation has some really innovative ideas about how we can do this.

【单词扩展 Glossary】

to take a seat to sit down

* Please take a seat in the front of the classroom so that you can hear the teacher better.

to get (something) out there to make something more familiar to the public; to increase somethings public presence

* We need to get our message out there so that people know what great work our
organization is doing.

potential market the group of people who do not buy a product, but would probably be interested in it

* Our toys are used mostly by girls ages 4-6, but we believe that our potential market includes boys ages 5-7, too.

feedback positive or negative reactions to an idea or to someones work

* At the end of the course, the teacher will ask us to give our feedback about how to make it better next year.

to put (our/their) heads together to work as a group to think of new ideas or better solutions

* When Brandon and Antonio put their heads together, they are able to think of some very creative new ideas.
当Brandon 和Antonio聚在一起思考的时候,他们可以给出很有创意的想法

to say a few words to speak about something for a short period of time

* At weddings, the parents of the married couple usually say a few words to wish the couple a happy life together.

reality check a realistic look at the true situation; an objective and factual analysis; a reminder of the true facts

* Amanda thought that her dog-walking business would be a great success, but learning that there were already 14 other such businesses in her city was a reality check for her.
Amanda 认为她的步行商业街很成功,但是据了解所在城市已经有14个这样的商业街像她的一样

relevant important; related to the current situation

* The cost of books is very relevant for college students who dont have very much money.

innovative new, creative, and interesting

* The new CD players have an innovative design that is very popular.