ESL商务会议英语(音频):2-2 正式会议介绍与会人员



2016-1-22 11:18

ESL商务会议英语(音频):2-2 正式会议介绍与会人员


2-2 正式会议介绍与会人员


Business Meetings:

Alex: Before we dive into the presentation, I should probably start by saying that I'm Alex Aurora, the CEO of Vision Corporation, just in case there's anyone here who hasn't met me in person before today. Could I please get our key team members to introduce themselves? Hannah, why don't we start with you?
Alex:在深入展会之前我想先说一下,我是Alex Aurora,Vision Corporation的CEO, 以防有些人还不认识我,在此我请求主要团队人员做下自我介绍.Hannah,为何不从你开始呢?

Hannah:Sure. I'm Hannah Graff, an account representative from the marketing firm that has been doing the focus groups. Today I'll be talking about your target market. It's my pleasure to join all of you today.
Hannah: 当然,我是Hannah,来自市场部的财务代表,今天我会讲述你们的主要目标市场,很高兴加入你们.

Chris:I'm Christopher Hanson, the Senior V.P. of Product Development. I've been tweaking our product so that it's a better fit for what our customers are looking for.
Chris:我是Christopher Hanson,产品开发部的资深副总裁,我一直在推进产品以便更好地适应顾客的需求.

Shawn: Hi, everybody. I'm Shawn Edwards, Senior V.P. of Marketing. I've spent the past few months trying to keep up with all the great work that Hannah and Chris have been doing.
Shawn:大家好,我是 Shawn Edwards,市场部的资深副总裁,过去的几个月里我一直努力的在向Hannah and Chris从事的工作看齐。

Alex: Great, thanks. Now I'm going to turn it over to Shawn who'll be running the show today.
Alex :很好,感谢大家,现在接下来交给Shawn,他将会主持今天的流程。

【单词扩展 Glossary】

to dive into (something) to begin something right away

* I dont like cleaning the house, but lets dive into it and finish it as quickly as possible.

just in case if something may happen; if something is possible

* Do you think you should take an umbrella just in case it rains?

to meet (someone) in person to be introduced to someone while being in the same room, so that the two people see each other (not over the phone or email)

* Have you ever met a famous actor or singer in person?

why don't we lets; a polite phrase used to suggest doing something

* Why dont we eat dinner at a restaurant tonight instead of cooking at home?

account representative (an employee at a consulting company in charge of a project for a company using the consulting companys services)

* Who is the account representative for the new project with Acme Corporation?
谁是这个Acme Corporation公司新项目的账务代表?

product development (the work of creating and improving the products that a company sells)

* Everyone in the product development department is really excited about the new cell phone that plays music, videos, and podcasts.

to tweak ( to make small changes to something)

* Macarena has been tweaking her art project for hours, trying to make it perfect.

to keep up with (something) to be familiar with all the latest changes in something; to keep up to date with something

* Have you been keeping up with the news about the storms in Florida?

to run the show (to be in charge of something; to lead a meeting or project)

* Ive asked Karen to run the show for todays conference, and to make sure we stay on schedule.