ESL商务会议英语(音频):5-1 会议陈述(图形内容)



2016-1-25 11:09

ESL商务会议英语(音频):5-1 会议陈述(图形内容)


5-1 会议陈述(图形内容)


Business Meetings:

Hannah: Thank you, Mr. Edwards. We conducted eight focus groups, each with 10 to 12 people who currently use the product. In this pie chart, the yellow-shaded area represents those participants who buy the product from Vision Corporation, and they comprise only 13% of the people we spoke with. That's consistent with Vision Corporation's market share segment.

Hannah 谢谢,Mr. Edwards,我们引导了8组目标客户群.每组里面有10到12人现在在用我们的产品.在这个圆饼图里,黄色阴影面积代表买我们产品的参与者,他们仅仅占了我们调研人数的13%.这和我们公司市场份额占有率是一致的.

We asked the participants what features they wanted when purchasing the product and this table shows their answers in descending order of importance. As you can see across this row and down this column, Vision Corporation's current product offering includes only one of the top three most desired features.


Finally, we asked the participants to rank the product offered by Vision Corporation against those of the top four competitors, and the results are shown in this bar chart. Vision Corporation received the best rankings for "affordability," but suffered in all the other categories. This line graph shows that these figures have held steady over the four months we've conducted these focus groups. We believe this means that your company would be justified in raising the price of its product and using the additional revenue to improve the product's features.


【单词扩展 Glossary】

pie chart – a visual or picture used in reports and presentations that is a circle made of pieces of different colors where the size of each piece represents the percentage or number of something


* This pie chart shows that almost half of our customers have a college degree.


(color)-shaded area – the section of a chart or graph that is in a different color


* The blue-shaded area in this line chart represents our company, and the green-shaded area is our biggest competitor.


to comprise – to be a group that is made up of something; to be a group that contains different things or parts


* The band used to have six members, but now it's only comprised of one piano player, a drummer, and a singer.


consistent – compatible; being in agreement with; being what is expected; not surprising


* Tanya's favorite music was written by Bach, which is consistent with her love of complex and memorable melodies.


segment – a piece of something; a part or section of something


* Cars on the segment of freeway between Springfield and Davistown always move very slowly.

在Springfield 和 Davistown之间的高速公路的部分的车总是移动的很慢

table – a square or rectangular chart that lists information horizontally (side to side) and vertically (up and down)


* This table shows the ideal weights for men and women of different heights.


descending order – listed from biggest, best, or top to the smallest, worst, or bottom


* The sales information is listed in descending order, so the biggest sales are at the top of the list.


row – a horizontal (side to side) line in a table

* In this table, there is one row for every student in the class.


column – a vertical (top to bottom) line in a table

* Many tables have columns with information for different years.


to rank – to give a number to each thing in a list to show its importance


* We ranked the hotel from one (poor) to five (excellent) for its service, price, and cleanliness.


bar chart – a square or rectangular chart with boxes of different colors when the length or height of the boxes represents different amounts of something


* This bar cart shows how much money people earn in different countries.


affordability – low price; a price that people can pay easily


* When you buy a new home, affordability is important, but so is the safety of the area and its distance to good schools.


to suffer – to be hurt by something; to not do well because of something


* The local economy suffered when the factory closed.


category – a group of things that are similar


* Our major product categories are computers, printers, and scanners.


line graph – a square or rectangular chart with a line that goes from left to right and whose changing height shows how something changes (usually over time)


* This line graph shows how the number of deaths of babies has decreased during the last 50 years


to hold steady – to be constant; to not change; to remain the same


* During most of the year our sales hold steady, but they increase before Christmas when many people buy gifts for their family and friends.


justified – reasonable; able to be explained


* Mariana felt justified in buying the expensive dress because she had worked very hard all month to save her money for it.


revenue – income; money that a person or organization receives from selling something


* Our sales revenue is higher when we have more salespeople working for our company.