ESL商务会议英语(音频):6-2 结束报告(非正式会议)



2016-1-29 11:15

ESL商务会议英语(音频):6-2 结束报告(非正式会议)




Business Meetings:

Chris:Our product development team has been busy trying to synthesize all the data that Hannah has just presented in order to create a better product for our customers. We sent out a memo last week that described our specific ideas, and based on all the signatures on the routing slip, it looks like most of you have already seen it, so I won’t repeat everything. In a minute, we’re going to ask you to help us brainstorm even more ideas.


Before you get your creative juices flowing, let’s just briefly recap the main points of this presentation. Our market share has taken a beating and we’re missing the mark with our marketing and our product. To tackle these problems, we recommend creating a better marketing campaign and creating a new version of our product. We’re asking for your best ideas during the discussion. Shawn, will you take the helm?


【单词扩展 Glossary】


to synthesize – to understand information from many different sources; to put together and understand a lot of information

Ms. O’Conner 很擅长整合复杂信息然后解释给他人听

* Ms. Argonne is very good at synthesizing complex information and explaining it to other people.


routing slip – a small piece of paper with the names of everyone in an office that people sign to show that they have read a document, then they pass the document and routing slip to the next person on the list


* Please don’t forget to add the new employee’s name to the office routing slips.


in a minute – soon; very soon; in a little while


* Could you please turn on the TV? My favorite show is going to start in a minute.


to brainstorm – to make a long list of ideas, usually in a group with other people

Jim, Phil, 和Hal 在另一间房里正在为乐队出谋划策

* Jim, Phil, and Hal are in the other room brainstorming names for their band.


to get (one’s) creative juices flowing – to begin thinking creatively


* Some people like to get their creative juices flowing by listening to music while they work.


to recap – to review; to summarize


* At the end of the presentation, don’t forget to recap your main ideas to help people remember them.


to take a beating – to be hurt; to be damaged; to be defeated; to lose a lot of money


* Their house took a beating during last week’s storm.


to miss the mark – to not be effective; to do the wrong thing for a specific purpose; to fail to reach a certain point or level


* The company missed the mark when it tried to sell rap music CDs to people over 80 years old.


to tackle – to fight against something; to work on something with a lot of effort


* Let’s tackle the mess in this house one room at a time.


to take the helm – to lead something; to run a meeting

Ms. Hagstrom去年接手公司的时候,公司挣了更多钱。

* When Ms. Hagstrom took the helm last year, the company began making more money.