ESL商务会议英语(音频):8-1 提问(正式会议)



2016-5-31 09:22

ESL商务会议英语(音频):8-1 提问(正式会议)


8-1 提问(正式会议)


Business Meetings:

Shawn: Mr. Hanson, was Ms. Graff able to allay your concern? Good. Now we have time for only two more questions. Ms. Graff?

Shawm: Mr. Hanson, Ms. Graff缓和了你的担心吗?好的,现在我们仅剩下两个问题的时间了, Ms. Graff?

Hannah: My question is for Mr. Hanson. I was wondering whether you could expand on the section regarding product design. Am I correct in assuming that you want to offer the product in more colors?

Hannah :我的问题是提给Mr. Hanson的,我一直很疑惑你是否可以在产品设计方面扩展一下。我假定没错的话,你想要在产品上提供更多的颜色?

Chris: Let me see if I can shed better light on that. Although colors may not be as important to consumers, we are of the opinion that having more variety will increase sales….

Chris : 我看看能否更好地解释一下。尽管颜色对消费者不是很重要,我们的观点是更多的变化能提高销售量。。。

Hannah: Is that the only reason?

Hannah 这是仅有的原因吗?

Chris: Please let me finish my thought. Another reason, which may be beyond the scope of your question, is that the increase in our costs will be small. Have I answered your question?

Chris: 请让我说完。另外一个原因,可能超出了你的问题,增加的设计的成本很小。我回答了你的问题吗?

Shawn: Yes, certainly, Chris. You’ve made it clear for all of us. And now for our final question. Mr. Aurora?

Shawn: 是的,当然。我们都明白了。现在最后一个问题,Mr. Aurora?

Alex: Given the growing competition, is it possible for us to drop this product and move into a different market? Can you speak to the implications this would have on our strategy?

Alex : 说道不断增长的竞争,我们可以放掉这个产品转向不同的市场吗?你说的言外之意也在我们的战略里吗?

Shawn: We did consider that option, but we quickly dismissed it. We believe that we should stick to our core competencies and improve the product we currently have.

Shawn :我们确实有过这想法,但很快就放弃了。我们认为我们应该坚持核心的能力提高现在有的产品。



to allay – to make someone stop worrying about something; to make something stop being a problem


* Maggie’s worst fears were allayed when the doctor said that she didn’t have any serious medical problems.


I was wondering... – I would like to know; I’m curious about


* I was wondering if he went to my high school because he looks very familiar.


to expand on (something) – to provide more detail about something; to describe something in more detail or to provide more information


* Can you please expand on your reasons for believing that we need a bigger office?


Am I correct in assuming that – Is what I’m saying correct? Do I understand you correctly?


* Since you don’t eat ice cream or cheese, am I correct in assuming that you’re allergic to milk?


Let me see if I can shed better light on (something) – I am going to try to explain something better; I will try to help you understand something better


* Mr. Bale, I understand that you’re confused about your telephone bill. Let me see if I can shed better light on how the costs are calculated.

Mr. Bale我理解你对你的手机账单很困惑,我想更好的让你明白这些花费是怎么计算的

to be of the opinion that – to believe that; to think that; to have the opinion that


* We are of the opinion that families should be together during the holidays, so my brothers and sisters always travel home for Christmas.


to finish (one’s) thought – to finish talking about something; to say everything that one thinks about something without interruption


* He was telling them about his new business, but he couldn’t finish his thought because his cell phone rang.


beyond the scope of (something) – not related to something; off topic


* Calling customers is beyond the scope of her job, but she agreed to do it because the other department needed her help.


certainly – definitely; without any doubt; for sure


* I certainly don’t want to make you feel bad, but this report needs a lot of work.


given – considering; with reference to; in light of


* Given your high blood pressure, the doctor recommends eating less salt.


is it possible – can one do something; is it feasible; would one be able to do something


* Is it possible for you to take Shelly to school today? I don’t think I’ll have time.


to drop – to stop doing something; to leave something; to no longer use or produce something


* We dropped our home telephone service. We’ve decided to use only our cell phones for all of our calls.


can you speak to (something) – can you talk about something; can you address something; can you give more information or detail about something


* Mr. President, can you speak to how you’re going to change science education in our country?


implication – consequence of doing something; what will happen if one does or does not do something; what doing something will mean


* One of the implications of email is that people send fewer regular letters to each other.


option – choice; one way to do something; possibility


* You have three options: you can register for classes online, over the phone, or in the registration office.


to dismiss – to decide not to do something; to decide against something; to decide not to consider doing something


* Her proposal to improve the company’s services was dismissed as being too expensive.


to stick to (something) – to continue to do or use something; to not change what one is doing


* Flying to Hawaii is too expensive. Let’s stick to our original plan to spend our vacation closer to home this year.


core competency – something that a business is very good at doing; something that a company is known to be an expert in doing


* That company’s services are very expensive, but its core competency is quick and friendly service, so many people are willing to pay more.