2015-7-6 10:30


1. 学做港式点心
Hong Kong cuisine matriarch instructs both culinary professionals and aspiring visitors how to prepare dim sum staples like traditional pork steamed buns and dumplings filled with homemade egg custard.

2. 电视明星——大熊猫
This is one of the awesome pandas that lives at Ocean Park. Although this picture was taken live and in person, HK has a TV channel completely devoted to watching the pandas. You can also watch from your phone. And at night, when the pandas are sleeping, they play a highlight reel of that day's cutest panda moments.

3. 传统粤剧
Experience the piercing sounds of Cantonese opera in the West Kowloon Cultural District.

4. 鲤鱼门海鲜市场
Lei Yue Mun ("Carp Gate") Seafood Market is a well-known place for seafood. There are endless selections of seafood, as well as restaurants along the narrow street. You can pick the seafood by yourself, and bring it to a nearby restaurant for them to cook for you.

5. 星光大道
The Avenue of Stars is the Hong Kong equivalent of Hollywood's Walk of Fame. It features plaques containing handprints and autographs of famous Hong Kong cinema stars as well as other attractions, including this awesome 2.5-meter-tall bronze statue of Bruce Lee.

6. 高科技基础设施

Traveling up and down the Central-Mid Levels Escalator is a quick, efficient way to get around while at the same time immersing yourself in the urban jungle of Hong Kong.

7. 舢板上的海鲜
Hong Kong is an island surrounded by ocean. So one of the best things you can do is jump on a sampan boat and sail out, and have them cook delectable seafood delights and serve you right on the boat!

8. 无与伦比的夜景
If you have seen the beauty of Victoria Harbour, make sure you catch a laser show as well. There are 5 different themes to keep your eyes busy, so if you want to take some good pictures and enjoy the show at the same time, better bring a tripod with you.

9. 不能错过的夜市

We walked to the Temple Street night market where vendors sell everything from socks and underwear to funny signs. If you have time to head over to Kowloon, I highly recommend this nighttime activity of shopping and eating.

10. 透明缆车
Hop on the glass bottom cable cars towards the Big Buddha, it's an awesome ride, then take the train from Tung Chung back to town.

11. 叮叮电车
Explore the city using the historic tram system "ding-dinging" along, by hopping on these romantic vehicles that run the length of the city.

12. 奇妙的感官体验

Have you considered exploring the city without one of your senses? Each 75-minute tour at Dialogue in the Dark. You'll walk through a room in complete darkness with the help of a white cane and experience scenes of Hong Kong like riding on the Star Ferry, shopping at the supermarket, attending a concert and walking through a forest. Without the ability to see, you'll soon realize how temperatures, textures and sounds can contribute to one overall experience.