BBC新闻:2014-08-18 武装人员控制拉克大坝



2014-9-17 11:42

BBC新闻:2014-08-18 武装人员控制拉克大坝


BBC news with Marion Marshall.

Kurdish sources have told the BBC that their Peshmerga fighters have broadly taken control of the strategic dam in the north of Iraq from Islamist militants. Their ground offensives have been coordinated with US forces which provided air cover. Jim Muir is in the Kurdish regional capital Arbil. “Basically it seems they have taken most of the areas around the dam, some reporters saying they have taken part of the dam. It’s really quite confusing. What I think we can’t say is that they haven’t taken it completely, undisputably.
And finally, One commander says they still got a lot of clearing up to do that the ISIS or Islamic State radical fighters left a lot of explosives. And in fact all the way during the fighting, which began very early in the morning just at dawn, the Peshmerga on the ground had encountered a lot of roadside bombs even suicide bombs, according to some accounts.“
Syrian activists say government war planes have launched nearly 25 air strikes against bases of the militant group the Islamic State in the north of the country. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says at least 31 Islamic State fighters were killed. Analysts say this is the first targeted strikes by government forces against Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS.
An Ebola quarantine center has been attacked and looted in the Liberian capital Monrovia. There are conflicting reports about what happened to those in the center. Our West Africa correspondent Will Ross reports. “A group of men broke into the quarantine center in the densely populated West Point area of the capital Monrovia. They looted the mattresses and other items. About 30 suspected Ebola patients left the facility. But the Liberian government says they have all been found and taken to a treatment center. This incident shows the extraordinary challenges health workers face as they try to stop the spread of the deadly virus. People living in West Point were angry that the facility was set up in their neighborhood. It’s possible that the raid was aimed at closing it down.“
The foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France are holding talks in Berlin, hoping to make progress towards resolving the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Ahead of the meeting, Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier described the situation in Ukraine as difficult and tried to curtail expectations. “There are no guarantees that these talks will succeed, but I think it would be responsible not to use this willingness for talks, especially in light of the situation today and in the last couple of days.“
Police in Britain say the migrants found concealed in a shipping container on Saturday are believed to be Sikhs from Afghanistan. Thirty-five people, including women and children, were discovered at Tilbury docks when freight from Belgium was being unloaded. One man was found dead. Others were treated for severe dehydration and hypothermia. You are listening to the latest world news from the BBC.
Egyptian led efforts to mediate indirect talks between the Palestinians and Israelis over the Gaza conflict are continuing in Cairo. There’s, so far, been no sign of a breakthrough with the five-day truce currently enforced in Gaza set to expire in a little over 24 hours. Before the talks resumed, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said there would be no agreement on a long-term ceasefire unless Israel security needs were clearly met.
More than 100,000 people in Brazil have attended a public mass in the northeastern city of Recife for the late presidential candidate Eduardo Campos. Mr. Campos died in a plane crash on Wednesday. Here is Julie Kanarow. “The queue stretched for up to 3 km outside the governor’s palace in Recife. Over 100,000 people lined in the streets to bid farewell to Eduardo Campos, during the public service held in his honor. Mr. Campos had governed the state for seven years and stepped down just four months ago to run for president. Brazil’s most prominent politicians went to Recife for the funeral services, including his would-be opponents, President Dilma Rousseff and heir Sunaviz, and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.“
The US Attorney General Eric Holder has authorized a further post-mortem examination on Michael Brown, the black Missouri teenager who was shot by a police officer a week ago sparking violent protests. An initial autopsy, the day after the shooting, concluded that he died of gunshot wounds.
A German man who holds the world record for having the most body piercings has been refused entry to Dubai, after traveling there to make an appearance at a hotel night club. Rolf Buchholz has 453 piercings on his body and face. Mr. Buchholz, is reported to say he was never given an official reason for being barred. But airport workers told him he’d been turned away because authorities feared he may practice black magic. BBC news.

BBC收到库尔德方面消息,称他们的武装人员已大体从伊斯兰武装分子手中夺得对伊拉克北部一战略性大坝的控制。在美军的空中掩护下,他们发动了地面攻势。Jim Muir在库尔德地区首府埃尔比勒为您报道。“从大体上看,他们似乎已经控制了大坝附近的大多数领域,但有记者称他们只部分控制了大坝。这实在令人摸不着头脑。在我看来,我们也不能说他们还没有完全、没有争议地夺下大坝。“

利比里亚首都蒙罗维亚的一处埃博拉隔离中心遭遇袭击和洗劫,关于检测中心发生的事件报道各方争执不下。下面是西非驻地记者威尔·罗斯报道 。“一群人闯进了位于首都蒙罗维亚人口密集的西点军校检疫中心,他们洗劫了床垫和其他物品,大约有30名疑似埃博拉患者离开了隔离站,但是利比亚政府称其已经被找到并带回治疗中心。这次事件表明了目前医护人员在阻止埃博拉病毒传播的同时还面临着巨大的挑战。居住在西点军校的群众感到很愤怒,因为隔离站就设在他们旁边。此次抢劫袭击可能旨在关闭检疫中心。“
埃及努力倡导巴以就加沙冲突的非直接对话在开罗继续。 现今在加沙实施的五天的休战协议将在未来24时内到期,但目前此次对话毫无进展。谈话恢复前,以色列总理本杰明内塔尼亚胡表示,除非满足以色列的明确安全需求,否则长期停火协议免谈。
巴西超过十万人参加了在东北部城市累西腓举行的已故总统候选人爱德华多-坎波斯的公祭。坎波斯于周三在一起坠机事件中不幸丧命。Julie Kanarow为您报道。“参加公祭的群众在累西腓总督府外排了长达3公里的队伍。为了纪念爱德华多·坎波斯在职期间所做的奉献,超过10万名群众在街上列队为其送别。坎波斯先生担任州长七年,四个月前辞职参与总统竞选。巴西多名政要奔赴累西腓参加葬礼,其中包括坎波斯的竞争对手,总统迪尔马·罗塞夫和继任州长内维斯,以及前总统路易斯·伊纳西奥·卢拉·达席尔瓦。“
一持有最多身体穿孔世界记录的德国男子在迪拜遭到拒绝入境,他抵达迪拜是为了在一酒店夜店登台演出。罗尔夫·布霍兹身上和脸上共有453处小孔。据报道,布霍兹还未收到被禁止入境的官方解释。但机场工作人员表示,当局因害怕他施黑暗魔法而拒绝其入境。BBC 新闻。

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