BBC新闻:2014-09-25 法国证实阿尔及利亚武装分子杀害法国人质



2014-11-28 14:35

BBC新闻:2014-09-25 法国证实阿尔及利亚武装分子杀害法国人质


BBC News with Sue Montgomery.

The United Nations Security Council chaired by President Obama has unanimously approved a resolution enshrining the commitment of member states to halt the flow of foreign jihadists to Iraq and Syria. Mr. Obama said the resolution establishing new obligations that nations must meet to prevent the recruitment or financing of foreign Jihadists.

The words spoken here today must be matched and translated into action, into deeds, concrete action within nations and between them not just in the days ahead but for years to come. For if there was ever a challenge in our inner-connected world that can not be met by one nation alone, it is this terrorists crossing borders and threatening to unleash unspeakable violence these terrorists believe our countries will be unable to stop them; the safety of our citizens demand that we do.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron told the meeting that the poisonous ideology of extremism at the root of the threat must be defeated. He said it was becoming clear that jihadists were also influenced by preachers whose world view could be used as a justification for violence.

The peddling of lies, the idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world, is a deliberate act of Western policy, the concept of inevitable clash of civilization. We must be clear that to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism not just violent extremism.

Some news just in. The Pentagon says further airstrikes against the Islamic State militants are underway in Syria. A spokesman said more operation details would be released later.

France has confirmed that Islamist militants have murdered a tourist they were holding in Algeria. The jihadists-linked group, calling itself the Islamic State, had earlier released a video showing Herve Gourdel being beheaded. President Hollande described the decapitation as a barbaric act.

The International Criminal Court has opened a formal investigation into war crime and crimes against humanity allegedly perpetrated in the Central African Republic during months of sectarian violence. The ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said independent research showed atrocities have been committed on both sides.

The information available provides a reasonable basis to believe that both the Seleka and the anti-Balaka groups have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes including murder, rape, forced displacement, persecution, pillaging, attacks against humanitarian missions, and the use of children under 15 in combats.

BBC News.

The International Federation of the Red Cross has said a team of health workers were attacked on Tuesday in southeastern Guinea while collecting bodies believed to be infected with Ebola. One Red Cross worker is recovering after being wounded in the neck in Tuesday's attack. According to a local resident, family members of the dead initially set upon six volunteers, vandalised their cars, and then a crowd threw rocks at them.

Nigerian military officials say more than 260 members of the Islamist group Boko Haram have surrendered in the northeast of the country. They say about half of them are being interrogated after surrendering in two different areas. Here's our Nigeria correspondent Will Ross.

This has never happened before in the war against Boko Haram; and although impossible to verify, the military is seeing it as a turning point. A military spokesman also said after an intense battle it had killed the man who has been featuring in Boko Haram's propaganda videos pretending to be the group's leader Abubakar Shekau. The spokesman said the real Abubakar Shekau died a long time ago and the eccentric bearded man in the videos was actually an impostor called Mohammed Bashir.

The Mexican authorities said a Federal politician from the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party has been killed. Deputy Gabriel Gomez Michel was driving to the airport in the western state of Jalisco when his car was caught in camera being intercepted by several vehicles. His charred remains and those of his assistants were found a day later.

NATO says there has been a significant withdrawal of Russian conventional troops from inside eastern Ukraine although many thousands remain just over the border. Moscow has never acknowledged the presence of any Russian troops in Ukraine. President Obama promised to lift sanctions if Moscow worked through diplomatic means to secure a lasting peace. BBC News.















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