BBC英语新闻:2015-10-27 法律与公正党赢得波兰大选



2015-11-26 11:20

BBC英语新闻:2015-10-27 法律与公正党赢得波兰大选


Hello, I’m Julie Candler with the BBC news. Poland’s Conservative Law and Justice Party has won a decisive victory in parliamentary elections following a campaign in which it took a tough line towards the European Union and migrants. An exit poll suggests it has secured 39% of the vote. The party's candidate for Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said she was grateful for the support of the Polish people. “We have won because we have been consistent in facing all the challenges ahead of us and we followed in the footsteps of the late President Lech Kaczyński. We worked hard and we were humble about the work as well as the reality surrounding us. We wouldn't have won had it not been for the Polish people who told us about their expectations and needs and who were in the end voted for us.“

Within the past hour, leaders from central European countries in Balkan states have reached an agreement on a plan to tackle the migration crisis. It includes providing shelters for tens of thousands more people by the end of the year. The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said that Balkan countries must start by registering migrants arriving at their borders. “The only way to restore order to the situation is to slow down the uncontrolled flows of people. The policy of waving for people to neighboring countries has to stop. I want to be clear, people must be registered. No registration, no rights.“

Exit polls in Argentina’s presidential election suggest the candidate of the governing party Daniel Scioli has won the most votes, but will have to face a run-off next month. The Centre-right mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio Macri appears to come second and will challenge Mr. Scioli on November 22nd. Wyre Davies reports from Buenos Aires.

Daniel Scioli as the official candidate of the ruling Peronist Populist party which dominates Argentine politics is a clear favor to win. The fact that the maybe run-off shows how the divided the country is after ten years of Christina Fernandez de Kirchner's governing, her fans have supported to say she's done fantastic things with new welfare program spending billions on helping people out of poverty, and also renationalizing the national airline, the national oil company and forging these new alliances with Russia and with China. But the opponents of course say the economy is in a mess and there is no money in the central bank and inflation rate is running at dangerously high levels.

Polls have closed in Guatemala in a presidential election run-off between an ex-comedian and a former first lady. Opinion polls gave the actor Jimmy Moralesa clear lead over Sandra Torres, who seen by many as part of the country’s political elite. Turnout was low. Both candidates promised to fight corruption following the resignation and arrest of President Alejandro Maldonado in September. World news from the BBC.

The US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has said the world would be a better place if Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were still in power in Iraq and Libya. Speaking to CNN, Mr. Trump described the Middle East region as a disaster that had blown up around president Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The governor of the Egyptian city of Alexandra has resigned after torrential rains caused wide spread of disruption and a number of death. Five people were electrocuted when an overhead power cable fell into a flooded street. Thousands of vehicles across the city were partially submerged and many homes flooded. In Israel, high winds knocked down trees and toppled cranes.

Saudi Arabia Supreme Court has rejected an appeal against a death sentence passed on a prominent Shia Muslim cleric. Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was a vocal supporter of anti-government demonstrations during the Arab Spring.

The British racing driver Lewis Hamilton has won the Formula One world championship for a third time. He secured the title with victory in the US GrandPrix in Texas. Hamilton thanks everyone who'd supported him. “I cannot really find the right words right the second to tell you how amazing this feels and just that I couldn't have done without this team who have powered me for the last three years and retaken me on board and really help lurching me with the car and just faultless.“

In the Rugby World Cup, Australia has beaten Argentina to make it through to the final next Saturday, will, now, take on New Zealand. The Wallabies won by 29 points to 15. Our correspondent in Sydney, here is Jon Donnison. “This’s been an amazing tournament for the Southern Hemisphere, all four semi-finalists from the Southern Hemisphere and an amazing final next week for this part of the world. Amazingly, these two teams who have both won the World Cup twice have never met in the final. But in terms of sporting rivalries, at least in this part of the world, they don't get much bigger than the all blacks against the Wallabies in Rugby Union.“ BBC news.


exit poll:投票后的民意調查

candidate :候选人

reached an agreement :达成协议

migration :移民




candidate :候选人

presidential election:总统大选

torrential rain:暴雨

disruption :中断,毁坏


submerge:淹没; 把…浸入

death sentence:死刑


championship :冠军

您好,这里是BBC新闻,朱莉.坎德乐为您报道。波兰的法律与公正党在国会大选中赢得了至关重要的胜利。这场胜利得益于他们在竞选时对欧盟和移民采取的强硬立场。选举投票后的民意调查显示他们已获得39%的选票。法律与公正党的总理候选人贝亚特.斯基迪勒对支持她的群众表示感谢。“我们能够获胜是因为我们勇于面对所有挑战,坚定走前总统莱赫.卡钦斯基的路线。我们努力工作,实事求是。波兰人民如果没有说出期望及需要, 如果最后没有投票给我们,我们就不可能获胜。“







沙特阿拉伯高级法院驳回对著名什叶派神职人员的死刑判决。族长尼米 艾尔 尼米曾是阿拉伯之春期间声援反政府示威的积极拥护者。



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