BBC英语新闻: 2016-03-21朝鲜领导人要求导弹测试中加强核弹头的使用



2016-4-14 09:56

BBC英语新闻: 2016-03-21朝鲜领导人要求导弹测试中加强核弹头的使用


BBC news with Iain Purdon.

North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles into the sea off its eastern coast days after the country's leader Kim Jung-un ordered more nuclear warhead on missile tests. The United States has responded with a call to Pyongyang to refrain from raising tensions in the region. Steve Evans reports from Seoul. “The past two months has seen escalating actions and reactions following North Korea’s testing of a nuclear device on January 6. The United Nations imposed tougher sanctions on the defiant regime in Pyongyang. It in turn has launched missiles culminating in the latest launch. It's hard to see whether series of tit for tat acts ends. North Korea has threatened another nuclear test.“

European Union leaders are due to meet the Turkish Prime Minster Ahmet Davutoglu in Brussels at a few hours' time to discuss proposals aimed at easing the refugee crisis. Under the proposed plan, migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey will be sent back in exchange for financial aid and visa free access to Europe for Turks. The German Chancellor Angle Merkel spoke after the meeting of European leaders in Brussels. “Turkey's offer to end uncontrolled migration by accepting refugees who were sent back from the Greek islands is of course a good opportunity to put the people traffickers out of business. However, this must of course be done on a very clear legal basis. We have agreed to assure that every migrant living on the islands will have an individual hearing.“

Police in Brazil have fired teargas and stun grenades to keep protesters away from the headquarters of President Dilma Rousseff. Thousands of people demanding her regeneration rallied in the capital Brasília. They’ve accused President Rousseff and her Worker's Party of corruption. Julia Carneiro was at the demonstration. “For the second night in a row, around 5000 people are gathered here outside the parliament building. There are very noisy crowd. They're jumping up and down, chanting, honking horns. They brought firecrackers and a massive inflatable doll that depicts former president Lula as a prisoner. Earlier here in the lower house, the first step to decide on the impeachment proceedings President Dilma Rousseff is facing was taken. This is another major development in what feels like a big political intrigue here in Brazil.“

The US military says it has disciplined more than ten personnel who were involved in last year's air strike on a hospital in Afghanistan which killed 42people. The punishments are mostly administrative. The charity Doctors without Borders which ran the hospital in Kunduz had asked for an international investigation into the air strike.

Two people have tested positive for Ebola in Guinea almost three months after the outbreak in the country was declared over. The new cases were reported hours after the World Health Organization declared the latest Ebola flare-out to be over in neighboring Sierra Leone. Tulip Mazumdar reports. “The two patients are being cared for at a treatment center in the south of the country close to where the worst Ebola outbreak in history was first identified two years ago. It's understood three members of their family had recently died after showing symptoms of Ebola. The government says their village is now on lockdown and vaccines have been taken to the area to try and protect those at risk. The World Health Organization has warned sporadic cases of Ebola are likely to reemerge as the virus can linger on in body fluids of some survivors.“

The authorities in Chili say 14 people have been rescued from two rafts in the Pacific Ocean bringing to an end to their attempt to emulate the Kon-Tiki expedition of 1947. The Kon-Tiki Ⅱ adventure began in Peru in November with the rafts reaching Chili’s east island in 43 days. But after setting so on the return journey in January, the rafts were pulled off course by strong currents. BBC news.








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