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Hello, I am Julie Candler with the BBC news.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced new measures to make it harder for people to hide the proceeds of corruption in offshore accounts. Most British overseas territories for the tax havens will now share information with the UK authorities. The prime minister has been under pressure since it emerged that he used to hold shares in an offshore trust. Rob Watson reports. “After days of damaging headlines and much insinuation and speculation on social media, David Cameron mounted a typically robust defense of his personal tax affairs and the record of his government. He had done nothing wrong, his government would be improving both the transparency and scrutiny of financial masses of the UK's overseas territories. Despite allegations of stirring class war, the leader of opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn stuck to his line that the Panama papers were further evidence there was one rule for the rich and another for the rest.“

American health officials have warned that the spread of the impact of the Zika virus in the United States is far wider than they had anticipated. Anne Schuchat at the centers for disease control and prevention says the virus has been linked to a broader range of birth defects. Pregnant women were vulnerable to contracting the disease for longer than previously thought. “We absolutely need to be ready, everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier than we initially thought, and so well we absolutely hope we don't see widespread local transmit in the continental US, we need the states to be ready for that, we can't assume we are not going to have a big problem, we know with other viruses which had bigger problems than we expected, so we’re taking this very seriously.“

Brazilian congressional committee has debating whether to recommend the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff over allegations that she manipulated government accounts to hide deficit. President Rousseff has denied the allegations and argues that the accusations do not constitute an impeachable offence. A simple majority is needed to go to the next stage of voting the lower house of congress later this week. An opposition politician Vandelay Marcris said the current government was paralyzed and the impeachment was the only way forward. “We hope the impeachment is important to Brazilian society and that we can have change, and that with this change we can really begin to look to the future and to the light of the end of tunnel. Because this presidency, if it remains in power, it won't be in condition the govern(ing), that's the tragedy the administration we seen in our country today.“

The Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has said he would personally ensure that his country passes anti-doping legislation will before the deadlines set by the world anti-doping agency next month. Mr. Kenyatta said he would not give people an excuse to ban Kenyan runners from the Rio Olympics Games in August. He said he wanted them to win, but to win fairly. World news from the BBC.

A former senior executive of world football’s governing body has pleaded guilty to four charges of corruption. The former vice president of FIFA Alfredo Harwit told the judge in the United States that he had accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes. The payments were linked to marketing in broadcast rights for tournaments and matches. He faces a prison sentence of up to 20 years for each count.

Pirates have attacked Turkish cargo ship off the coast of Nigeria kidnapping six of the crew. The vessel was carrying chemicals, Martin Patience is in Lagos.“ The pirates are at the ship late at night as it was travelling through the oil rich Niger delta. The Nigerian navy says the vessel's captain and the chief engineer were among those kidnapped. The ship's Turkish owner says none of the crew was injured in that attack but there have no information on the whereabouts. Nigeria’s coast areas are increasingly becoming a hot spot for piracy.“

Colombia has doubled to nearly one million dollars of reward for information leading to the capture of a criminal gang leader. President Juan Manuel Santos says security forces were hunting for Dario Antonio Usuga. He says the Usugaclan has ties with Mexico Sinaloa Cartel and it was responsible for smuggling hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine to Colombia each year. Experts predict that gang crime is likely to become Colombia's biggest security challenge as the country's long-standing conflict with leftwing rebels winds down.

Artificial Intelligence experts have warned that technology allowing a preprogrammed robot to shoot or kill with no human involvement these years rather than decades away. A report, by Human Rights Watch at Harvard Law School, calls for a ban on lethal autonomous weapons, sometimes known as killer robots. They say human control should remain in charge of weapons during combat in order to save lives in comply with international law. BBC news.


lethal :致命的

comply with:根据,遵守

capture :抓捕

hunt for:搜捕

smuggle:走 私



legislation :法案
ban :禁止

impeachment :弹劾


Zika virus:寨卡病毒
vulnerable :脆弱的,易受攻击的;易受伤的
offshore trust:境外基金
insinuation 暗示;旁敲侧击的话;影射;含沙射影
speculation 猜测;推测;投机买卖;推断








哥伦比亚将一个犯罪集团领导人的悬赏金额提高一倍,高达约100万美元。胡安·曼努埃尔·桑托斯总统称安全部队正在搜捕达里奥·安托尼奥·乌苏噶。乌苏噶与墨西哥锡那罗亚贩毒组织有联系,每年向哥伦比亚走 私价值亿万美元的可卡因。专家预测,政府军和左翼叛军的长期矛盾解决后,该犯罪团伙就会是哥伦比亚最严峻的安全问题。


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