BBC英语新闻:2016-04-22 挪威杀77人恶魔告赢政府



2016-5-26 09:53

BBC英语新闻:2016-04-22 挪威杀77人恶魔告赢政府


This is the BBC news. Hello, I am Jonathan Izard.

A court in Norway has upheld a claim of inhumane treatment brought by the mass murderer Anders Breivik who killed 77 people in a gunmen bomb rampage five years ago. He had claimed that his detention in solitary confinement was a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. Tom Christensen is a reporter with Norway's national broadcast NRK, he says many people are astonished by the verdict. “The survivors from Utoya who was a part of this massacre, they are shocked. The prosecutors say that they would appeal to next higher court because they are very surprised that he has won over the government.“
The United States Supreme Court has ruled that frozen Iranian assets worth more than two billion dollars must be handed over to relatives of people killed in attacks blamed on groups backed by Tehran. More than 1000 Americans are affected by the decision which relates mainly to the 1983 Hezbollah bombing of a US marine barracks in Beirut, 241 marines were killed in the attack.
Russia has announced moves designed to convince the governing body of World Athletics the IAAF that its athletes should be allowed to compete in the Rio Olympics later this year. The sports administer said all those intending to take part in the games must undergo three independent anti-doping tests in advance. This would be in addition to existing controls. Two foreign experts would also be granted full access to the Russian anti-doping agency in Moscow.
The first criminal charges have been filed in the US state of Michigan in connection with the contamination of the water supply with lead in the city of Flint. Three officials have been charged with offences including tampering with evidence, conspiracy and misconduct in office, Gary O'Donoghue reports. “In 2014, the city of Flint switched its water supply from Lake Huron to the local Flint river in a money saving exercise. Immediately, residents began complaining about the quality. It took 18 months for the Michigan authorities to acknowledge the problems. Leading to accusations, the residents of Flint were ignored because they are largely poor and black. But state and local officials face a number of investigations and Michigan’s attorney general Bill Schuette has promised to leave no stone unturned and more charges are expected shortly.“
An escape slave who freed hundreds of people from bondage is to be the face of redesigned 20 dollar bill in the United States. James Cook has the details. “Harriet Tubman was an American hero, a former slave who brave pedals to help hundreds of others follow her path to freedom, at first be a secret network known as the underground railroad, and then as a union spy in the civil war. After the war, Ms. Tubman, who struggled in poverty into the end of her life, fought for women suffrages. She replaces the slave-owning president Andrew Jackson on the front of the 20-dollar bill although he will continue to feature on the back.“ World news from the BBC.
Peace talks aimed at ending the conflict in Yemen are due to start in Kuwait on Thursday. The UN brokered talks had been expected to start on Monday, but were delayed when the Houthi Rebels failed to appear, angry about they said were ceasefire violations.
The United Nations has begun to evacuate hundreds of wounded or sick people in their families from four besieged Syrian towns. Two of the towns Sadani and Madaya have been blockaded by pro-government forces. Two of the towns, Zabadani and Madaya, have been blockaded by pro-government forces. The others, al-Fouaand Kefraya in Idlib province, are surrounded by Islamist rebel groups.
The government of El Salvador says it’s deployed a new heavily armed unit to fight the country's notorious criminal gangs which’s started operating in rural areas. The special force of thousands of soldiers and police were operated with helicopters, armored cars and assault vans. The minister of defense said they would target about 100 gang leaders who’d left the cities because of government raids. El Salvador has one of the highest murder rates in the world.
The United States has become the latest country to open a criminal investigation into the leaked Panama papers. It's emerged that a New York district attorney has asked to discuss the documents with the consortium or journalists which disclose them. The leaked documents have revealed existence of offshore companies set up by a number of rich and powerful people including several international leaders.
Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her 90 years birthday on Thursday. Three photographs of the Monarch taken by Annie Leibovitz have been released to mark the occasion. Our royal correspondent Peter Hunt reports. “After celebrating her silver, golden and diamond Jubilees, the now 90-year old longest reigning monarch in British History who go and walk about in Windsor and light a beacon. As she enters her 10th decade, Buckingham Palace has released three pictures taken by the American photographer Annie Leibovitz, the Queen’s captured with her corgis, with her daughter Ann and with two of her grandchildren and her five great grandchildren.“ BBC news.
【Key Points】

inhumane :非人道


solitary confinement:单独囚禁


hand over :转交

convince :说服


in advance:事先,提前

leave no stone unturned:千方百计,想尽办法

suffrage n.(政治性选举的) 选举权,投票权

slave-owning 奴隶主

violations n. 违反( violation的名词复数 ),冒犯,违反(行为、事例)

evacuate v. 撤离,疏散,排泄, 腾出(房子等)

besieged v.包围,围困,围攻( besiege的过去式和过去分词 )

blockaded v. 实行封锁( blockade的过去式 ),阻塞,挡住

deploy v.(尤指军事行动) 使展开, 施展, 有效地利用

notorious adj.臭名昭著的,声名狼藉的

consortium n. 财团,组合,共同体,[法] 配偶的地位和权利

offshore adj. 近海的,离开海岸的,海外的,国外的

monarch n.君主,帝王,最高统治者

corgis n.威尔士矮脚狗












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