BBC英语新闻: 一男子在佛罗里达州同性恋夜店里枪杀数十人



2016-9-14 12:05

BBC英语新闻: 一男子在佛罗里达州同性恋夜店里枪杀数十人




Hello,I'm Sumon Garmary with BBC News.

Police in the United States have described the moment they confront the gun man who was killing dozens of people in a gay night club in Florida.The most madly mass shooting in recent US history.49 people died when Ormar Martin forced his way into a pass club Orlando shooting indiscriminately with a semi-automatic, the soda weapon.Michelle Flory reports.

Police described three gun battles with Ormar Martin before he was shot dead.They decided to invade the past night club after the gun men threatened to put bombings on his hostages.Nearly all over the 49 have been identified,the youngest just 19,the oldest was 50 years old.Florida officials are now investigating whether anyone helps the gun man.President Obama says there is no clear evidenc

e this is directed or part of a larger plot.

Donald Trump has described the US immigration system as disfunctional being for allowing Orlando gunman's family to come to the United States from Afghanistan.The US Republican presidential candidate promised that if he come to afar he would fix the system.His presumptive Democratic rival Hilary Clinton said if she is elected the US president,she will make so-called loan wolf attack a top priority.She also called for action to stop terrorists getting hold of sole right force.In Orlando itself of visualist due to buy hot chocolate for the club girls were killed.People are writing message of condolences and she is a paper tape to the floor.One resident Rebecca said she and her children made a poster for memorial because they wanted the victims and their families to know how much the city love them.

I was born in race right here in Orlando.So this is a faxes as a city and we are yesterday out poor of generosity in a help that's Orlando is not, not walking into a building and killing people just because you don't like them.

A new study has warned that rising of obesity rate across the world are causing the widespread mum nutrition.Traditionally,nutrition is associated with star evasion.But the 2016 Global Nutrition report says obesity also causes people to become mum nourished. Astruly Darry explains.


This report highlights what is called a stagring global challegne of the increase rates of obesity.The increse is happening in every region of the world and a nearly every comrey.Hundreds of millions people are among nurish because they are carrying extra weight as well as there is too much sugar sotle colestion their blood.The author said one in three people suffer with some formal amount nutrition from stanted growth because they are not receiving a food,a nutrient to high level of fat and not enough of nutrients. BBC News.

Microsoft has announced it is buying the professional networking website Linked-in for 26 million dollars.The biggest ever acquisition by the software giant.It's thought the deal will help Microsoft boost sales of its business and E-mail programs by gaining access to the world's biggest professional social network.Linked-in has more than 430 million members worldwide.

UN refugee agency has urged Kenya to relax November deadline for repatriating some 350 Somali refugees.The head of UN Agency told the journalist in Nairobi that was unsafe for many of the Somalis living in Kenya's Dedubcome to return home.

The chairman of the English Football Association Creg Daig has returned to UEFA, brings to serious concerns about security for arrangement in Leo.For England support due to gather ahead of their next gay man in Thursday.Russia will play Leo the night before.UEFA has wanted boost teams that it could expel of the further violence by their fans following days of crashays in Marseilles.Here is our sports editor Danrone.

With England playing Wales in the small town of a long long Thursday,tens of thousands British fans will base themselves in the nearby city of Leo.That is where Russia plays their next year round 2016 match on Wednesday and after all we deal of violence involving their supporters in Marseilles.The chairman FA is now adding his voice to mounting worries of the potential full apede.England and Ruassia could both becatelture the tournament is behaving your fans fails and to improve.

The funeral is taking place in Mexico of 11 people from the same family who were shot by masked gunmen in a remote village last week.Police initially said they will look into allegation until the violence was caused by religious intolerence.But the state prosecutors now say the motive was vengeance.

BBC News.

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