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Hello. I'm Julie Candler with BBC News.

Meeting figures in campaigns for and against Britain’s membership at the European Union have clashed in the biggest live television debate on the issue ahead of Thursday's referendum. They were answering questions from the 6,000 strong audiences. Our correspondent Chris Mason was there. “Once again, the economy and immigration dominated. The London mayor Steve Carl representing the Remain campaign accused his opponents of pedaling project hates over immigration. Gisela Stuart for the Leave campaign refuse to set an immigration target if there is a vote for breaks it. But Boris Johnson,the fellow out campaigner received largest cheers for he suggested the in-campaign was responsible for project fear for its claims about damage to the economy.“

The South Korean Military says the North has attempted to launch a missile from its east coast. It says the test fire appeared to have failed. The missile involved was designed for the range of 3000 kilometers enough to hit South Korea, Japan and the American base of Guan. From Seoul, here's Steve Evans. “This was the North Korea's 5th failed attempt to launch the missile. North Korea's opponents have watched to its trepidation as the track of the missile was moved into a launching position. Japan said it would shoot it down if its trajectory was over the country. The failure illustrates the technological difficulties North Korea faces as it developed a nuclear arsenal and it means to attack distant targets. Repeated testing also illustrates the determination to succeed.“

A big explosion in the town close to the Libyan capital Tripoli has killed at least 25 people and wounded many more. The blast took place in Galabuli following clashes between local people and militia fighters. There were conflicting reports about the cause.

Jordan has declared the country's border regions with Syria and Iraq to be closed military zones following the deadly suicide bombing on Tuesday that killed six soldiers. Dozens of people have taken part in the candle lit vigil in the capital Amman. Yolande Knell reports. “Funerals have been taking places for the border guards killed in a suicide attack which officials have called a coward lead terrorist act. At dawn, a lorry laden with explosives was driven fast towards a military post, just outside the Ruqban refugee camp. Tens of thousands of Syrians who have been trying to enter Jordan are currently stay in this remote area of the dessert. Within hours of the attack, Jordan declared its northern and northeastern borders closed military zones.“

A US military commander in Bag dad Colonel Christopher Regaba has acknowledged that Iraqi forces have only managed to clear the Islamist state militant out of its 3rd city of Falluja. Iraqi government claimed Falluja has been liberated.BBC News.

Human rights groups have welcomed a landmark case of the International Criminal Court in which former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba was jailed for 18 years. He was found guilty of failing to stop his troops from killing and raping civilians in the Central African Republic. It's the first time the ICC has focused on sexual violence as a weapon of war. And the first time a military commander has been held responsible for the conduct of his subordinates.

The international Olympic Committee says competitors from Russia and Kenya must pass extra checks on doping if they want to take part in this year's Rio games.The Olympic Chief Thomas Bach says special measures will be brought in to tackle cheating because the two countries have such unsatisfactory records. Richard Colven reports. “The IOC supports its week's decision by the world governing body of Athletics the IWAF to maintain the suspension of Russian track and field competitors that followed allegations of state sponsor doping cover-up and failed to rectify drugs testing procedures. Followed the world anti-doping agencies declaring the drug testing authorities of Russia and Kenya inbreaching of their code, competitors from those countries across all Olympic sports must now be individually evaluated if they are to compete in Brazil this summer.“

A Brazilian army has said it was forced to shoot dead a jaguar at moments after the animal was used as part of the Olympic torch ceremony. An army spokes man said the jaguar escaped its handlers and attacked soldier. Four tranquilized darts failed to stop it. The organizing committee of the Rio games said it had made amistake in allowing the Olympic torch to be exhibited alongside the chained wild animal.

At the Euro 2016 Football tournament in France, the defending champion Spain has lost their final group match. They were beaten 2:1 by Croatia, Both sides are qualified for the last 16 where Spain will play. Turkey ended up in 3rd place.BBC news.

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