BBC英语新闻: 前联合国会长逝世



2016-9-14 18:12

BBC英语新闻: 前联合国会长逝世




Hello, I am Neil Nunes with the BBC news.

There have been extraordinary scenes in the US congress where Democratic Partypoliticians are staging a sit-in to demand tighter gun laws. They’ve occupiedthe floor of the House of Representatives late into the night. The Republicanspeaker Paul Ryan was shouted down when he attempted to resume normal proceedings. Mr. Ryan has dismissed the sit-in as a publicity stunt. More fromLaura Bicker in Washington. “It started out quite quietly, it started with, um,the congressman John Lewis going to the front and trying to make a speech forfive minutes and asking his colleagues join him on the floor and now, we havehundreds, I think there are 200 democratic representatives sitting, singing,clasping hands, holding a loft pictures of and victims of mass shootings. Wehave hundreds of protesters outside congress. They are in sympathy with thosewho are taking part in the sit-in. This is unprecedented.“

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says missile tests carried out on Wednesdayproved that his country is capable of attacking US interest in the Pacific.State media in Pyongyang said he personally supervised the testing of twomedium range missiles. A UN spokesman Farhan Haq said the test was a violation of international sanctions against North Korea, “Yet another launch of ballistic missiles by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in defiance of theunanimous will of international community is embracing an irresponsible act.This is a deliberate and grave violation of its international obligations. Thecontinued pursue by the DPRK of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles willonly undermine the security and fail to improve the lives of its citizens.“

The medical charity MSF says nearly 200 people in northeast Nigeria who fledthe militant Islamist group Boko Haram have died of starvation and dehydrationin the past months at a make-shift camp. Katie Winner has the detail. “MSFstaff are warning that a catastrophic humanitarian emergency is unfolding atthe camp in the city of Barma in Bono State, where more than 20,000 people havetaken shelter. In a statement, they said around 1/5 of the children theyscreened were suffering from a cute malnutrition. The head of the MSF missionin Nigeria said new graves were being dug in a daily basis and at least sixpeople a day come to hungry disease.“

A new study indicates that the number of women in Latin America seeking toterminate their pregnancies rose sharply following warnings about the effect ofthe Zika virus on unborn children. Researchers found online request forabortion pills doubled in Brazil and Ecuador after the first Zika alerts areissued last November. They rose by about 1/3 in El Salvador, Cosa Rica and Colombia.Zika has been linked to micro-cephaly in babies which can lead to severe birthdefects. World news from the BBC.

The Colombian government and FARC rebels have agreed a joint ceasefire. Thedetails will be made public later on Thursday. The Colombia president JuanManuel Santos has said a final peace deal could be signed next month. Will Grantreports, “The war in Colombia has lasted more than five decades. It has claimedmore than 22000 lives and left millions displaced. It is hard for a bitterdispute of land redistribution and peasant rights, but it has evolved over theyears into a brutal guerilla war founded by the illegal drug's trade on the oneside and Washington’s military might on the other. Now finally, peace is insight. The Colombian President would be in Havana for the announcement of theceasefire and will meet the leader of the FARC Rodrigo Londono, alias Timochenko.“

Brazil's supreme court has ruled there is enough evidence to fire a newcorruption charges and can suspend the leader of the Lower House of theCongress Eduardo Cunha. Mr. Cunha led the impeachment process againstthe suspended president Dilma Rousseff. He is charged with receiving bribes andhiding the money in secret accounts abroad. Mr. Cunha has denied anywrong doing and says he won’t resign.

Russia's national weight lifting team could face a one year ban from international competition for doping violations excluding it from the OlympicGames in August. The threaten suspension announced by the international weightlifting federation follows the retesting of samples from the Olympics in 2008and 2012.

A former president of the UN general assembly, who was facing corruption charges in the US, has died at the age of 61. John Ashe was UN ambassador for Antiguaand Barbuda. His lawyer said that he suffered a heart attack. Mr. Ashewas indicted by a grand jury in October of accusations that he accepted 1.3million dollars in bribes from Chinese businessmen. BBC news.

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