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Aug 24,2016

BBC news with Julie Candler.

Police in Brazil have carried out new raids of premises linked to the Olympic Council of Ireland over allegations about illegal sale tickets.

Three people, whose passports have been confiscated, were asked to attend interviews of the local police station. No arrests were made. Patrick Hiki, a senior Olympic official from Ireland, was earlier detained over the tickets sales.



vt. 没收;充公;查抄

adj. 被没收的

With the Olympics in their final day, the Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge has won the men's marathon, the closing ceremony starts in a few hours’ time and roads have already been blocked round the Maracana stadium.

President Erdogan of Turkey says the suicide bomber who carried out Saturday's attack in Gaziantep was aged only between 12 and 14.

Mr. Erdogan believes that Islamic State militants probably ordered the bombing which killed at least 50people at a Kurdish wedding.

Thirty six people have been hanged in Iraq in connection with the massacre carried out by Islamic State militants. It involves the murder of up to 1700 army recruits in 2014, most of them are Shiite Muslims.

A dual suicide bomb attack by the Somali Islamist group al-Shabab has killed atleast 15 people in central city of Galkayo.

It's the second attack in six months on a city which has previously escaped the worst of the violence which’safflicted much of Somalia.



vt. 折磨;使痛苦;使苦恼

The prime minister of Singapore Li Sian Long has said his successor must be ready to take over from him after the next general election.

He made the comments not long after collapsing during a speech in the country's national day rally bringing the event to a temporary hot.

The Ukrainian authorities say a Russian opposition activist has requested asylum in the country. Roman Roslovtsev crossed to Ukraine from Belarusearly in the day, he told local television he was seeking asylum because of persecution by the Russian security service. BBC news.



n. 庇护;收容所,救济院

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