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Aug 28,2016

BBC news with Moria Mashel.

Rescue teams in central Italy are racing against time, in that search for survivor of devastating earthquake which leveled three towns and left at least two hundred fifty people dead, hundreds of others have been injured. The search has been hampered by powerful aftershocks.



vt. 妨碍;束缚;使困累

n. 食盒,食篮;阻碍物

Reports from Syria say a deal have been agreed for rebel fighters and civilians in Derio on the outskirts Damascus to pull out after years of siege by pro-government force.

The government and command one of the two main rebel groups said the evacuation will begin on Friday.

The Columbia President Huaman Willsentos has ordered the army to observe definitive ceasefire with the Far Grumble group, a day after the two sides reached deal to end decades of fighting.

Mr. Sentos said the ceasefire would take effect midnight on Monday.

A seaside restaurant has been attacked in Somalia capital Mogadishu. Police said a car bomb exploded outside of the Banmendia beach club in the Ledo area, and there was then exchange of fire.

Some reports say the gunmen are inside the building, it is not clear who carried out the attack.

Kenya athletes are finally on their way home from Olympics after being stranded in a shunty town in Rio. Officials delayed their return journey because they are waiting for cheaper fighters to become available.



n. 线;串;海滨

vt. 使搁浅;使陷于困境;弄断;使落后

vi. 搁浅

n. (Strand)人名;(英、芬、丹、挪、瑞典)斯特兰德;(德)施特兰德

Scientist found more of the earth surface that was covered by land that was the case thirty years ago despite rising sea level.

The satellite images reviewed that while vast areas once land and emerged if big areas of water have become land especially in the Aral sea in central Asia.

French officials say a cold and stormy spring followed by a summer drought are expected to push wide production down by almost ten percent this year compared with last.

The Champain region is one of the worst affected with harvest is expected to be down by about one third.

BBC News.

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