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BBC News with Jerry Smit.

A parliamentary report in Britain has severely criticised the British and French intervention in Libya in 2011. It said poor intelligence and a shallow understanding of tribal rivalries had led to internal warfare, a migrant crisis, a proliferation of weapons and the spread of the so-called Islamic State group.

The President of the European Commission,Jean-Claude Juncker, is making his first state of the union address since voted to leave the E.U. Mr.Juncker said the European Union respected and regretted Britain's decision to leave, but the E.U. was not at risk as a result of Brexit. He was applauded when he said there can be no access to the Common Market without the free movement of people.

The Attorney-General of New York State has begun investigating what he called possible impropriety by Donald Trump's charitable foundation. Mr. Trump's campaign spokesman dismissed the move as politically-motivated.

President Obama's administration has announced plans to admit 110,000 refugees to the United States in the fiscal year, beginning next month. That's 10,000 more than originally stated.

Doctors treating Israel's former president, x, after he suffered a major stroke on Tuesday, say that he is in a serious but stable condition. A spokesman said that Mr. x had been responsive when the sedation he'd been under had been reduced.

European football's governing body, UEFA, will elect a new president today, after its former President, x, was banned from football for four years. The Head of the Slovenian Football Association, x, is x to beat the Dutchman, x.

x, the American soldier jailed for passing classified files to the WikiLeaks website has ended the hunger strike she began five days ago, after receiving assurance that she will get gender reassignment surgery.

And those are the latest headlines from BBC News.

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The United Nations' Special Envoy:联合国特使,即秘书长工作团队中的一员.

parliamentary: adj. [ˌpɑ:ləˈmentri] 国会的,议会的

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