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BBC news with Johnathan Izard.

Scientists in the United States say the first baby has been born using a newthree-person-fertility technic. The baby boy who was now five months old wasborn to Jordanian parents who were treated by an American team in Mexico as proceduresare not approved in the US. The technic could allow parents with rare geneticmutations to avoid passing them onto their babies.


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proceduresare: /prəˈsiːdʒə(r); prə`sidʒɚ/

[C, U] (regular) order or way of doing things, esp in business, law, politics, etc 程序(尤指工商、法律、政治等事务的)

The World Health Organization has announced the eradication of measles from theAmericas. This makes them the first regions in the world to be free of the disease.

Reports from Aleppo say Syrian government forces have been making advances onthe ground in the central of the divided city. Military sources and rebels saypro-government forces appear to be mobilizing for a possible ground assault after several days of airstrikes against the rebel-held east of Aleppo.

The health of the veteran Israeli politician and statesman Shimon Peres isdeteriorating. Close relatives have gone to the hospital where he has beensince suffering a major stroke two weeks ago. Shimon Peres won the Nobel PeacePrize for his part in a political deal with the Palestinians in the 1990s.

The England football manager Sam Allardycehas left his job after just 67 days and one game in charge. The Football Association said his conduct was inappropriate for his post. It follows newspaper allegations that Mr. Allardyce used his position to negotiate a business dealworth half a million dollars and offered advice on how to get around the FA'srules on player transfers.


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allegation: /ˌælɪˈgeɪʃn; ˌælə`ˇeʃən/

n.1 act of alleging 陈述; 宣称; 声称; 辩解.
2 statement made without proof (无证据的)陈词

The head of the FBI in the United States says the investigation into a manaccused of bombing targets in New York and New Jersey does not point to alarger terror cell. The FBI director James Comey told the congress the organization would look into prior warnings about Ahmad Khan Rahami

whichhad received from his father.

And the Swiss House of Representatives has voted in favor by just one vote of aban on wearing Burkas in public. Right wing Swiss Peoples' Party say the Burkaand radical Islam must be seen as connected, but the Swiss senate is unlikely to back a ban. BBC news.

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