BBC英语新闻:中非共和国爆发反联合国维和部队游行 冲突致4人死亡



2016-11-1 11:11

BBC英语新闻:中非共和国爆发反联合国维和部队游行 冲突致4人死亡


BBC News


BBC news with Marion Marshall.

The Pope has held a private meeting with theembattled president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro after which it was announcedthat the government and opposition would meet next Sunday. Tensions are running high in Venezuela over the suspension of a recall referendum campaign seekingMr. Maduro's removal.

Canada and the European Union say their free trade deal is not dead although three Belgian regions are blocking itssignature. The European Council president said it was still possible to sign iton Thursday as planned, but Canada stressed the ball was now in the EU's court.

A clash between protesters and United Nations'peace keepers in the Central African Republic has left four people dead. The protesters in the capital of Bangui were calling on the UN mission to leave the country accusing it of not doing enough to protect people from violence.

Russia's foreign minister and his US counterpart have agreed to continue searching for ways to halt the bloodshed in Aleppo.Their phone conversation came on a day when Syrian government forces seize strategic valuable high ground on the city's southern fringe.

The French authorities say they are satisfied with the start of the operation to empty the migrant camp known as the Jungleon the outskirts of the northern town of Calais. They say they had evacuated2,000 people on the first day.

New research suggests that people's brain getused to lying or dishonesty and such behavior can escalate when repeated. Theresearchers said they were able to predict how bigger lies someone was about totell just by looking into brain scan of previous deceptions.

A new scholarly edition of the works of WilliamsShakespeare will for the first time credit his 16 century rival ChristopheMarlowe as joint author of three plays, the two dramatists will appear togetheron the title pages of the trilogy King Henry VI published by Oxford UniversityPress. BBC world service news.

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