BBC英语新闻:特朗普称一旦上任 将驱逐300万非法移民



2016-12-15 10:56

BBC英语新闻:特朗普称一旦上任 将驱逐300万非法移民


BBC news with Illy Mckew.

President elect Donald Trump has said that between two and three million illegal immigrants will be deported from the United States after he takes office. In an interview with the American TV station CBS, Mr. Trump said those with criminal records including gang members and drug dealers would be the priority.

Iraqi government forces say they’ve recaptured Nimrud, a site of an ancient city south of Mosul that was overrun by the Islamic state group two years ago. The old city, once the capital of the Syrian empire, was completely destroyed by IS last year.

New Zealand is assessing the situation on its south island after it was hit bya strong earthquake followed by a tsunami. People along the east coast lefttheir homes and moved to higher ground, but the alert has not been downgraded to a coastal warning. At least two people are killed.

It's emerged that a suicide bomber who staged an audacious attack on the Bagramairbase of Afghanistan on Saturday worked inside the facility. He was a formerTaliban fighter who’d joined the peace process, four US citizens died when the man blew himself up within the compound.

Members of an indigenous community in northern Bangladesh have said their homeswere set on fire last week and several people killed in a land dispute. They describe there are deal two visiting politicians.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has said he will resign after his party'scandidate lost the presidential elections. Exit polls indicate that theopposition socialist candidate Rumen Radev who favors some proved relations with Russia has won the second round of voting, Mr. Radev wasmore than 20% ahead of the pro-western parliamentary speaker Tsetska Tsacheva.

The renowned Italian free diver Enzo Maiorca has diedin his native Sicily. He was 85. Holder of many world records, he was the firstman to dive to a depth of 50 meters. BBC news.

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