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BBC news with JonathanIzard

Russia and China have vetoed an attempt the United Nations to impose sanctions on the Syrian government. The US and its western partners on the Security Council had wanted to punish Damascus over its alleged use of chemical weapons in attacks on rebel held areas.

North Korea has said it’s never produced, stockpiled or used chemical weapons. The claim made at a conference on disarmament in Geneva comes after the half-brother of North Korean Leader was killed in Malaysia by a nerve agent called VX. Two women from Indonesia and Vietnam will be charged with his murder.

President Trump has blamed his predecessor Barak Obama for awave of protests against Republican Party law makers and recent security leaks.Speaking to the Fox News Network, Mr. Trump said demonstrations and leaks by Obama loyalist will probably continue, but that was politics.

A gunshot has been fired accidentally during a speech by the French President Francois Hollande at the inauguration of a high speed railway line in the town of Villognon. A sharp shooter onthe roof around 100 meters from where the President was speaking accidentally fired his weapon as he shifted position. Two people there were likely injured in the leg.

Two German policemen have been killed during an attempt to stop a speeding car driven by a suspect who had allegedly just killed his 79-year-old grandmother. The driver later crashed and was arrested as he fledon foot.

Water supplies have been restored in most of the Chilean capital Santiago after floods and landslides contaminated the major river which provides most of the city’s drinking water. The water company said it might take some time to refill the city’s 15,000 kilometers water pipes.

And an American nursery teacher has spoken of her delight inbeing able to save a five-year-old pupil’s life by providing the child with one of her own kidneys. Beth Battista told the BBC that she had heard about the girl’s condition after her mother shared a face book post about the girl’splight. She had been diagnosed with rare autoimmune disorder requiring 12 hoursof dialysis a day. BBC news.

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