BBC英语新闻:中国军费今年预算增7% 占比GDP约1.3%



2017-4-1 16:07

BBC英语新闻:中国军费今年预算增7% 占比GDP约1.3%


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BBC News with Rosemary Crick.

China has said it will increase military spending by about 7% this year. The scheduled announcement was made ahead of the annual National People's Congressin Beijing. It comes after President Trump outlined plans to increase US military spending by almost 10%.

The campaign manager of the French Centre-Right presidential candidate FrançoisFillon has quit in another blow to a campaign beset by allegations of corruption. Patrick Stefanini is the latest senior figure to abandon Mr.Fillon, who is embroiled in a scandal over payments to members of his family.François Fillon has insisted he will continue his bid for the French presidency.

A parliamentary committee in Britain, composed of members of the House of Lords, says the government will not be legally obliged to contribute to the European Union budget if it leaves without agreeing any exit deal. Other EU member states want Britain to pay its share of budget commitments before it leaves. Some EU officials estimate the amount could be as much as 69 billioneuros.

Reports from Libya say a powerful militia from Benghazi hasseized two of the country's main oil terminals, which have in recent months resumed production. Sources in Libya's Oil Crescent say the Benghazi's defense brigades have entered the terminals of Ras Lanuf and al-Sidra.

International organizations that monitor freedom of expression have voiced concern of the growing prevalence of disinformation and propaganda often referred to as fake news. A joint statement urges governments not to disseminate misleading information.

A North Korean man, who was a suspect in last month's murder of the estranged brother of North Korea's leader, says he was the victim of a conspiracy by the Malaysian authorities. Speaking in Beijing, Ri Jong Chol accused the Malaysian police of threatening his family if he did not confess to involvement in the killing of Kim Jong-Nam. BBC News.

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