BBC英语新闻:英国首相宣布提前大选 沙特直升机在也门坠毁



2017-5-13 10:50

BBC英语新闻:英国首相宣布提前大选 沙特直升机在也门坠毁


BBC News


BBC news with Julie Candler.

The British Prime Minister Teresa May has said an earlier election is the only way to insure stability as the country negotiates its withdrawal from the European Union. In a surprise announcement Ms. May declared that the vote would take place on June 8th.

Police in the US say a man who carried out an apparently random murder then posted a video of the crime on Facebook has killed himself. They say Steve Stephens took his own life after being pursued by officers in the state of Pennsylvania. The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has promised the company would do all it can to prevent similar postings.

An official inquiry in Ethiopia has acknowledged that more than 650 people have died during unrest in the past two years. In a report to parliament the state-approved Human Rights Commission says some police officers may have unlawfully killed anti-government protesters from the Amhara and Oromia regions.

The French Prosecutor General Franois Molins says two Islamist militants arrested in Marseille on Tuesday had an arsenal of weapons including an Uzi sub-machine gun and 3 kilos of highly volatile explosives. It is thought the men were planning an attack ahead of the presidential election on Sunday.

A Saudi military helicopter has crashed in Yemen killing 12 soldiers on board. The Saudi’s allies in the Yemeni army blamed friendly fire for the crash east of the capital Sanaa. And also an attack has badly damaged one of the few Catholic churches in Nepal. Reports say an Egyptian man staying in the priest residence at the assumption cathedral in Kathmandu suffered the 3rd degree burns.

Voters are going to the polls in the US state of Georgia to fill a congressional seat in what’s being seen as the popularity test of President Trump. The Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is leading the opinion poll with the campaign he called makes Trump furious.

BBC news.

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