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2020-6-17 10:48

VOA常速 好梦医生


Hi, I'm Dr. Aarithi Vemana, co-director of the Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center. 嗨,我是Aarithi Vemana医生,是儿童和青少年睡眠中心的联合主任。
The Covid 19 pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone's daily lives. 新冠肺炎疫情对每个人的日常生活都产生了巨大的影响。
Now we do have more time at home to focus on sleep,but sleep is really difficult in stressful periods. 现在我们在家里确实有更多的时间可以专注于睡眠,但是在压力大的时期,睡眠变得很困难。
So I wanted to take a few moments to talk to you guys about having a good sleep schedule,and how to maintain that sleep schedule during the quarantine period. 所以我想要花点时间和你们谈谈一个好的睡眠计划,以及在隔离期间该如何保持这个睡眠计划。
Start off by having a good bedtime routine. 首先从拥有一个好的就寝安排开始。
And that bedtime routine doesn't have to be anything complicated,but it should be the same few steps done in the same order at the same time every night. 就寝安排不必很复杂,应该是每晚在同一时间按同样的顺序进行同样的步骤。
This helps your brain realized that it's time to wind down to go to sleep. 这有助于让你的大脑意识到是时候放松下来睡觉了。
The next morning, make sure that you're waking up around the same time every day,and keep yourself on a schedule. 第二天早上,确保你每天都在大概相同的时间醒来,并保持自己的计划。
That schedule should include exercise and that exercise is best done during the daytime if possible. 这份计划表应该包括锻炼,如果可能的话,最好在白天进行。
At night, make sure that you're putting your screens away about an hour before you go to bed. 晚上睡前一小时,一定要把电子设备都收起来。
This helps to minimize your blue light exposure and that's important,because blue light can trick your brain into thinking that it's daylight outside. 这有助于使你的蓝光照射最小化,这很重要,因为蓝光会欺骗你的大脑,让你以为外面是白天。
But more importantly during these stressful Covid 19 times,the content of what we're looking at on the screens can be very stressful,and can be very anxiety provoking for young ones. 但更重要的是在十分有压力的新冠肺炎疫情时期,我们在电子设备上看到的内容会是十分令人紧张的,可能会使年轻人变得很焦虑。
So instead of using screens, spend some time together as a family. 因此,与其使用电子设备,不如与家人待在一起度过一段时间。
Talk about all the good things that have happened during the day and focus on the positive. 谈论一天之间发生的所有好事,尤其是关注积极的事。
This will talk to distress everyone's brains right before bedtime. 这会让每个人的大脑在睡前放松下来。
If you're still having trouble, reading or guided relaxation is a great option,to help focus your brain on something that's not related to Covid 19. 如果你还存在问题,阅读或者在指导下放松也是很好的选择,这会有助于让你的大脑专注于一些与冠状病毒无关的事。
I hope everyone stays home and that they stay healthy. 我希望每个人都待在家里,保持健康。